CPC 2018 {Challenge 4}

Hey there!

I’m participating in Carol’s Cameras and Pens Challenge for the second time. YAYYY!

If you’d like to participate, you can still head over to her blog and tell her you want to join and she’ll put you into a team.

Unfortunately, this contest started while I was still on a break so I missed the first half (as you can see, I put “Challenge 4” in my title)

Anyway, let’s get on with my submission for this round.

Oh wait, here’s my team.

Katie K

Go Strawberries! 😀

And here are the guidelines and point system.


Whenever I post the writing prompts for a round, you have to write a story or poem based off them. You can also take photos or draw/paint something that goes along with your story as visuals. You don’t have to make art or take photos to go along with your story as they are not required, but they do play a major role in this challenge!

Point system:

Submitting story/poem = 1 point

Number of prompts used = 1 point for 1 prompt

Bonus artwork = 2 points for 1 artwork

Bonus photo = 2 points for 1 photo

Points earned this round: 4 (how miserable, I know but I’m kinda in a hurry)

My Story for this Round:

Lily was working late in her father’s library again.

Related image

She was squeezing in some last minute research for her history paper, even though she had already researched a ton of information up and her research paper was already written. She was even rereading some of the books she had looked through, because like her dad always said, “You can never obtain too much knowledge.”

Normally, Lily wouldn’t bother doing so much extra work, but it had been a rough week.

Her grandmother whom she had been particularly close to had just passed away from a heart attack. Lily was heartbroken and constantly doing things helped her to keep her mind of more pressing matters.

As the grandfather clock in the hall chimed 12 a.m, Lily stood up and stretched. That’s enough research for one night, she thought and began to clear up her mess.

Suddenly, a figure appeared before her eyes.

Lily gasped and dropped everything, including her laptop. “Grandma?”

Her grandmother was tall woman with grayish hair and a kind face, with an even kinder smile. She wore a light pink dress, which she had passed away in. Her hair was in a loose bun, just like it always was.

“Surprise! I’m back from the dead! Isn’t that exciting?” Lily’s grandma grinned.

“What?” Lily was puzzled. Her grandmother, who was supposedly dead, had appeared out of nowhere and was already cracking jokes.

Grandma dropped her smile. “Oh come on, Lily dear. Lighten up a little.”

“But…” Lily faltered. “You’re dead! Or supposed to be.”

Grandma chuckled. “Yes, I am. But that doesn’t mean I can’t return as a ghost to visit my family once in a while.”

“Ghosts don’t exist.”

“That’s what makes things so exciting.” Grandma winked.

“So… how did you return as a ghost?” Lily wanted to know.

“Oh I don’t know. I just did.” Grandma shrugged.

“That’s not possible either.”

Grandma sighed. “Lily, Lily. I think I taught you too much. You’re just like your grandfather, always thinking logically. Maybe that’s why I left him.”

Lily smiled. “Do you want to see him?” It was a silly question since her grandparents had divorced for more than 10 years, but Lily knew he still missed her.

“Oh, no. I think that would be too much for him to handle,” Grandma declined. “It’s been 15 years, but I still regret what happened at the lake that night. It wasn’t supposed to play out that way.

Lily was more confused than ever. “The lake? Last night? What?”

“Oh nothing. Just that I appeared to him last night while he was out for his walk. He got the shock of his life, then he yelled ad ran off.”

“WHAT!” Lily shouted.

“Shhh.” Grandma waved her hands, just as footsteps echoed down the hallway. “Oh dear. I have to go now. Bye!”

And just like that, she was gone.


I love that ending hehehe.

Starling sign off #2


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