Common Grammatical Mistakes

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I see so so so many grammatical mistakes these days.

Okay, some people really don’t know the difference between one word and another or something.

This is why, I am here to kinda rant (?) and let you guys know the errors.

Hopefully it’ll help you to improve.

*I’m not targeting or pointing fingers at anyone. Just sort of ranting and letting you all know*

[…] = so on and so on

1. You’re – Your

Okay so there’s a big difference here.

You’re is actually a combination of two words (which is called a contraction) – you and are. So when combined it becomes you’re. Thus, if you split it it becomes you are. For example, “You’re (you are) late,” or “You’re (you are) a great help.”

Your is just a word by itself. A possessive pronoun. For instance, “Your book,” or “Your grandmother’s house.”

Now, I see quite a few mistakes regarding these two. Many people say “Your welcome” instead of “You’re welcome.” Well, it doesn’t make sense. Because when one party says “Your welcome,” it will mean “My welcome” for the second party which makes no sense.

Another one is when they say, “Your not supposed to [..]” It should actually be “You’re not supposed to […]”

For those who are making these mistakes, don’t worry. I made them before too XP

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2. They’re – Their – There

They’re is something similar to you’re, but in this case it’s they and are. For instance, “They’re (they are) going to town,” or “They’re (they are) playing in the park.”

Their is a word used to show possession. For example, “They left their books here,” or “This is their house.”

Finally, there is a word used to refer to a place. Like, “It’s over there,” or “You can take a seat over there.”

I see bloggers constantly mixing all three of these up, and it gets a little annoying sometimes.

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Guys, don’t do this XD

3. Its – It’s

Oh my, I used to get these two mixed up ALL THE TIME.

So here’s the difference.

It’s is a contraction as well. When split, it becomes it and is. So it can be used in sentences like “It’s (it is) such a rainy day,” or “It’s (it is) time to go home.” Normally it’s used to state something.

Its is possessive. I can’t really explain this so I’ll just give examples to show you.

“The dog ate its food.”

Its life was ended when a huge garden boot trampled on its beloved anthill.” (that was dark)

Its is normally used for animals too.

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Time to rant.

I seriously get annoyed when bloggers just simply use the wrong words at the wrong time like they don’t even care! Like, it isn’t that hard to just Google up the difference!!!

I’m done. That was short.

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I didn’t cover much, but hopefully this post has been somewhat useful to you.

To avoid making any of these errors, maybe proofreading your work helps.

Ciao for now!

Has this post been useful to you? Do you get annoyed too when people make grammatical errors like they don’t care? What other grammatical mistakes do you see happening? Have you made any of them?

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6 thoughts on “Common Grammatical Mistakes

  1. Grammar mistakes annoy me a lot! But I did get caught out by it’s vs its, I actually had no idea about the difference. Thanks for educating me.

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