Thanks to my Fellow Bloggers

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(just for the record, I’m not a huge fan of JB but this was the most decent gif I could get of “What’s Happening?” XD)

Hiiiiii everybodyyyyyyy!

Welcome back to my blog! 😀

And yup it’s finally posting. Again.

I felt that after I came back from my hiatus I was still pretty inactive but hey! I’ve read some of your wonderful posts and commented on them! 😉

So today I wanted to do a 2 in 1 (I hope you aren’t tired of those) but I decided to share with you guys what I gathered was happening around the blogosphere. Hopefully I got it right??

(so cringy, I think I lost some of that blogging touch. No matter, I’ll gain it back!)

Okay let’s just start.

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There must be something with me and celeb gifs today 😛

First, the thing that is worrying me the most is that apparently Rebekah from Tunes Of My Heart is not allowed to blog anymore or something??? And some people thought she was dead? What?!

I tried to find her blog in my Reader (you know, under the “Followed Sites” thing) but I can’t. And also now it’s a private blog :/

This is seriously confusing.

Image result for confused celebrity
Yup, definitely on a celebrity gifs roll today. Except the above isn’t a gif.

If you don’t mind, maybe you guys could give me a brief overview of what happened? 🙂

Moving on to happier things…

Hannah, Rhiana, and Madi are all apparently on hiatuses -_- Just when I come back.

But that’s totally fine, they’ll be back! I guess…? Madi is having some health issues so keep her on your prayer list! 🙂

Radiant Rose just celebrated her one year blogiversary! She took us on a brief tour of her entire blogging journey and you don’t want to miss out! Go see it!

Joyful Julia did a book tour + an author interview! It looks like a really promising book 😉

Merry Mary had a blog party but I don’t know the password so I can’t get in and I’m too lazy to ask and let’s just leave it at that shall we?

Image result for wink gif

Zealous Zielle talked about modesty It’s a really long but awesome post.

Finally, Creative Carol is hosting CPC 2018!!!! Guys, if you’re free for about the next month, please please please consider giving a thought to joining because from what I can tell, it needs more people :/ So go give her some love and join the contest! Come on guys, it only lasts for a month and they’re already at Round 3. I’m joining so yayyyyy! 😀

Even if you can’t join, you can just share it or reblog it 🙂

And that about sums up everything! By the way, the above are just some of the posts I picked to share because I thought they were great and worth sharing. If you didn’t see yours up there, don’t be sad! It’s still worth something 🙂 But I simply can’t share 15 blog posts here. I just don’t have the time and energy.

So thanks to my fellow bloggers who told me about all these so I could go check them out and share them here with you all! ❤

Goodbye for now!

Any clue what happened to Rebekah? JOIN CPC!

Starling sign off #2

P.S My blogiversary is in 15 days time! Unfortunately, I won’t be around on the real day (how much does that suck?) to celebrate it so I’ll do it 1 or 2 days after.

P.P.S Happy Late Independence Day to y’all Americans!


31 thoughts on “Thanks to my Fellow Bloggers

  1. Ooh yes! Here is what happened with Rebekah:
    A few weeks ago Rebekah made a post that was a joke about her dying (it was supposed to be a twist on the “leaving the blogosphere” joke that many bloggers play) anyway, a few people got really offended and one person even made a post on there blog about it. XD So now her parents aren’t allowing her to blog anymore. Very sad I know….

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  2. With Rebekah, she posted something that sounded like it was from her sister, telling us she had died in a car crash on a road trip. It was a joke about her being absent from the blogosphere, but let’s just say no one was laughing. Her parents aren’t allowing her to blog anymore, and I’m not sure if she’ll come back.

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  3. I know What happened to Rebcake! Well, she had a twist on the “I am leaving the blogs” Joke and it said that she had died in car accident, and it went wayyyyyyyyyyyy to far so, I guess she told her Mom and now she is not aloud to blog at the moment.

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  4. Ah, so sorry for the confusion!
    So, what happened to me? XD
    Essentially, I posted a “prank post” about how I was supposedly dead. It went way too far and ended up hurting a lot of people, so for the time, I’m not allowed to blog anymore. I’ve made my two blogs private, which is why you couldn’t get in…

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  5. I didn’t read Rebeakah’s post, but she ad written a post saying she had died and that’s why she didn’t post. Her parents decided that she shouldn’t blog anymore, I guess. Well, I’m glad you’re back!

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  6. apparently Rebekah did a prank post on her blog and it went too far and so her parents didn’t want her to blog anymore. ALSO thank you for sharing about CPC!!!! ❤

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  7. Starling! You forgot to add that me, Tess from Steeplechase, and Enni from On The Wings Of A Dream are running against each other for Queen Of The World!! XDDD
    As for Rebekah, I think she pulled a prank post saying she was hit by a car. It worked, I was sobbing and sobbing and my brother was sobbing… until she posted again saying it was a prank. So now her parents won’t let her blog. That’s the gist of it. You should seen the comments, we were devastated..

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  8. Starling,
    Rebekah changed her blog because apparently she wrote a post with a prank that her parents didn’t find appropriate. I was able to read her last post before her blog became a private site, and it talked it how the privilege of blogging was taken away from her 😭 big bummer she’s a great blogger
    -Katie K

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  9. Oh I didn’t know! Perhaps you could send me the blog post link?? Oh dear. I can’t access her blog right now so…….. I’ll just have to wait and hope she returns

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