What Happened While I Was Gone (?)

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Hey everyone! I’m back!

Yayyyyyy! It was a really good break (and I used WP to prepare some posts so it was not exactly a break but……) but I sure am glad to be back! 🙂

The title is both a question and a statement. Some stuff that happened during my absence (in my normal life):

  • Had a competition. We got 4th place! 😀
  • Injured my ankle in that same competition
  • Had cough, runny nose, sore throat, followed by a fever

And that’s pretty much it. How sad right? XD

I said the title of this post is also a question so…………

Tell me what happened around the blogosphere, on your blog, etc. while I was gone! (unless you don’t want to of course)

If you drop a comment down below, I’ll most likely check out your blog and catch up with posts I missed (88.335 % sure- jk, that was a random number)

So get commenting! I can’t wait to interact with you guys again! 😀

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50 thoughts on “What Happened While I Was Gone (?)

  1. wow sounds like you had an awesome break injuring your ankle and getting sick. that stinks.
    welll I’ve just been pretty dead lately and just barely crawling around on the blogosphere woo!!

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    1. Yup no kidding. But it was good I was on a break so I didn’t have more to worry about than what I was already worrying about. Looks like you could use another hiatus XD (no I’m just kidding)

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  2. Hey Starling! I haven’t blogged in ages too and have missed chatting with you from time to time. While you were gone I was gone too so you didn’t miss much 🙃❤️😄

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  3. I participated in a blog tour (yes another haha) And I forgot to post my monthly overview on Sunday and had to run and do that on Monday 😂 Camp NaNoWriMo started and I’m in a cabin with most of the same girls again, but a few new ones as well! 😃

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      1. XD LOL!! Rebekah wrote a post, pretending she was her sister, saying she died in a car accident, which was creepily realistic, made me sob to no end, and then Hope from AG Doll Dreams emailed me, and she said it was all a big prank!
        But she did kinda die when she had to stop blogging, so..
        That’s the biggest thing that happened since your hiatus!

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  4. Welcome back girl!! OH NO! You missed my blog party!! 😦 Well I do i have a new series on Forever American Girl… The next part comes out tomorrow. Can’t wait to here some more of your posts!!

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      1. Your welcome! Oh, good! Of course! XD Maybe I should invite you to follow it and see if that works… *shrugs*

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  5. I also was gone for a few weeks, I dunno what happened… I just couldn’t come up with a post!! But I finally posted today (A bullet journal post, in case you’re wondering). I’m glad you’re back!!
    Hope your ankle feels better!!

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  6. Wow, sounds like an um…interesting break! Well…let’s see…we THOUGHT Rebekah died, I posted a trials of being a morning person post, Allison posted more photography and…that’s all! Camp NaNo also started. *squeals*

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