2 in 1 No. 18 + Shoutouts

2 in 1

Sorry to bombard you with so many 2 in 1s. Didn’t I say there was a ton of these coming up?? 😛

5 things

First, many thanks to a person whom I have “adopted” as my internet sister named (Ate) Jirah for nominating me for the 5 Things I Like About Myself Challenge.


  • Thank the nominator.
  • Display the picture on your post.
  • List 5 things you like about yourself.
  • 1 thing must be a physical attribute.
  • Tag 3 or more people.

5 Things I ❤ About Myself

1. My love for family and friends

I really love my family and friends to death, even when they annoy me sometimes. These are people who are precious in my life and my personal companions as I take on this journey called LIFE. (okay that was a little dramatic)

2. My logical nature

Yes I am very logical. No need to waste time not being logical.

3. My creativity 

I am very creative and imaginative! This really helps in my writing, since I adore writing fiction.

4. Being sporty

I love defying the fact that girls are “girly” and therefore do not play any sports. Well of course not everyone thinks that way but…… if I lived in somewhere other than my country I would probably die because certain places ban girls from doing certain things. One of them includes sports. Boo to that.

5. My smile

I said that in this post. Please go check it out so I don’t have to waste time explaining it here XD


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Coastal Twins (Sophie or Abbie-whoever, you guys choose)




Next up, thanks to Em for nominating me for the Unique Blogger Award (who knows how many times I’ve done this)


1. Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you

2. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you

3. Nominate 8-13 bloggers for this award (I’m only gonna do 3)

4. Provide 3 questions for your nominees


1. What book would you recommend to me if you only had a minute to answer?

Uhh……. *racks brain frantically* I think I would recommend Bonanza Girl or Miracles on Maple Hill. I just finished reading both of them a few weeks ago.

Image result for bonanza girlImage result for miracles on maple hill

2. Any pets? (so original, right?)

Nope. We used to have fish and hamsters but they all died years ago.

3. What colour are you wearing right now?

My shirt is black with some math equations thingy on it (trust me, it’s not boring) and my shorts are grey with a black hem. Wow I wore black yesterday too. My wardrobe is so…


Linked to page/post with comments so they’d get a pingback on this (or whatever it’s called)




Questions for You!

1) How often do you eat chocolate?

2) What do you think is the most useful thing ever invented?

3) What makes you unique?

Have loads of fun remembering that you were tagged for this because you are unique, dear nominees! 🙂

I’m feeling really generous today, so let’s do some shoutouts to new blogs (and some other stuff happening around the blogosphere)

First up, check out this really neat blog called Hannah. Bet you dunno the author’s name XD I haven’t read many of her posts yet and she doesn’t have many followers yet but you can help her out by checking it out and giving her a follow!

Next, we have the Everlasting Library! This is another new blog with only 2 posts so far but I’m expecting more soon! I think the blogger who blogs here also has another blog but I can’t remember who it is *facepalm*

Finally, this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious blog is so prettyyyyyyy! I mean look at that design! Wouldn’t that make you want to ask them to design your blog for you?! It is run by two girls who actually know each other in real life, Syd + Em! (hence the name of this collab blog) I’m gonna do a makeover for my blog soon and they have had the honour to help me out with the designing part 😛 😉

Now that we’re done with the new blogs, I’m gonna give a shoutout to the fabulous Carol who is hosting CPC 2018! “What is CPC?” you ask. Well, go and check out the post to see for yourself!

And that’s all we have for today. Actually I have a reblog later on since I won’t be free tomorrow so ciao for now!

What books have you read lately? Checking any of these wondrous blogs out for yourself?

Starling sign off #2


22 thoughts on “2 in 1 No. 18 + Shoutouts

  1. yay! first commenter! *does happy dance*
    awesome awards! I loved reading them!
    oh my word… thank you so much for the shout out! I don’t think Em has seen this yet so I’ll surprise her… anyways, I’m so excited for the blog design!! I mean, super excited! again, thanks so much for the lovely shout out. we appreciate it. thanks again, Starling!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool! And, forgive me for asking, but are you Filipino? Nobody gets me when I call me sister Ate! (to everyone reading this comment: I think it means big sister in Tagalog, right?)
    By the way.. for free topic of HARPs, can I do a tag? I’m pulling a Scribble Scrabble and thought I’d ask. -Jo

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ahahaha actually I have to manually approve all comments before they are made public so you are actually not the first. Sorry to burst your bubble 😛 Aww it’s my pleasure XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Um no I’m not a Filipino, but I am from around that region XD I went to the Philippines before though, so I learnt a little of their language there 🙂 Yeap Ate means big sister! And Yeap you can totally do that!


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