HARPs Winners {The Grand Finale}

OH MY GOODNESS I DELAYED THIS POST FOR WAY TOO LONG. I'M SO SORRY! It is finally time for that long awaited post everyone has been waiting for (well duh that's why it's called 'long awaited' XD) Anyway. Time to tally up the points and reveal the winners of HARPs 2018!* *I'm not sure if… Continue reading HARPs Winners {The Grand Finale}


MOOP Contest Survey + ITWC Contest Open!

Hey guys! (sorry for “posting” twice today but this is kinda urgent!) Please go check this wonderful contest which I unfortunately won’t be able to participate in. It won’t hurt to look around 😉 (don’t be lazy)

Dancer for the King

Hey guys! It’s Lydia here!

All of your MOOP Contest photos were so amazing and I loved seeing your creativity come out in them so much! Today I’ll be going over a few things, so stay tuned!

Now let’s get on with today’s post!

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