Interview with CommuniKate

Happy Thursday to you! Today, I'll be doing an interview with Kate over at CommuniKate! A little info about Kate: She is a homeschooler who loves sailing and has a crazy busy schedule! Find her on... Her Vlog Channel The Sister Squad MK AWESOME Elayna and Kate G+ Be sure to check out her blog!… Continue reading Interview with CommuniKate

2 in 1 No. 15 + Crucial HARPs Announcments

Hey guys. I'm back with another 2 in 1 post! Look! I got nominated for this fab tag again by Bekah! Characters Given: Darth Vader Hermione Granger Wonder Woman I don't know who to nominate so I nominate everyone who wants to do this tag. And use these characters: Black Panther Snow White Cinderella (sorry… Continue reading 2 in 1 No. 15 + Crucial HARPs Announcments