HARPs Round 6 Results + Round 7 {FINALE}

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Yayyyy this post is finally up! 😀 Once again, so sorry for the little delay!


Ladies and Gentlemen…


I’m so so so excited for this! But also a little sad because well, it’s ending! It has been a lot of fun reading all your wonderful posts and seeing the ideas you guys came up with (maybe I should have named this contest something related to creativity and imagination but…. meh)

Without further ado, I present to you the current standings for Round 6!

If your name is in bold, that means I got your submission(s) for this round. If your name is in italics, that means I got your comment as to why you couldn’t post for that round and I’ll give you 5 points to make up for it!

Team Bumblebee

Deb Whittam





Points earned this round: 143

Total points: 483

Oh no, Team Bumblebee what happened? You were all doing so well in the beginning but you’re falling behind! Don’t worry, you have one last chance (and a very big one too) to redeem yourselves 🙂 GO FOR IT!

Team Butterfly






Points earned this round: 96

Total points: 685

Good job, Team Butterfly! You’re in 2nd place now! Not doing too bad 😉

Team Ladybug






Points earned this round: 366

Total points: 697

Rose gets extra 5 points from the previous round (round 5) because she was sick and couldn’t post.

Okay WAIT WHAT?! Did Team Ladybug just overtake Team Butterfly and Bumblebee?!?! Oh my word, this can’t be happening! But yes it is! The underdogs have pulled into 1st!

Yay thank you for your efforts in posting, current Team Ladybug! 😀

If I missed you out, please let me know and I’ll update the post ASAP!

Here are the rules…

  1. You CANNOT copy or duplicate anybody else’s post. If I see that a post like yours has already been posted, I will (try to) let you know. I’ll also not count that as your submission. But if your post has some similarities with others’ posts, that’s fine.
  2. You must get your post for that particular topic up within 12 days after I put up the topic. Any posts posted after the deadline will not be counted (and I can’t afford extended deadlines)
  3. You’ve gotta tag each post with #HappyAndRandomPosts and/or HARPs (like how I did in this post)
  4. Comment your posts and their link down below every HARPs on my blog.
  5. Have fun!!! 🙂

Little Challenges Guidelines…

Little Challenges (aka LC) are small challenges you can complete while typing your posts up. (eg. insert the word “fun” in your post.) Once you complete the Little Challenge in ONE post, (no matter how many times you perform it in your post) you immediately earn 2 points. They’re not necessary, but they’re another way for you to earn more points for your team. Please bold the part where the Little Challenges come in if not I have to search for it 😛

But now that I have given more LCs just for the grand finale, when you complete one of those LCs in one post, you get 2 points. So if you do 2 LCs, you get 4 points, if you do 3 you get 6 points, etc.

And point system…

  1. Post a post related to the topic. You can post more than once each week.The maximum amount of times you can post is 10 times! That means you have 10 chances to earn 30 points (if want to take the effort to post ten HARPs posts XD) (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)
  2. Submitting photos related to your HARP which are taken by you (2 points per photo)
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)
  4. Another thing! If it is possible, please try to calculate the amount of points you collected in one post and state it either at the end or at the beginning of the post! It will make things so much easier and faster and less confusing for me 🙂

Please read the last three sections above very carefully and thoroughly, because I updated some parts of it just for Round 7 {FINALE}!! (updated parts are in maroon)

Round 7 Topics:

Because this is the last round, I’m giving you guys a variety of topics to choose from! (you can even do the same one over and over again if you like 🙂 )

1. Free Topic

Yeap doing this topic again! 🙂 Same guidelines apply for this.

2. Poems/Short Stories

Share some of your best poems or short stories with us. If you’ve never written any, now’s a good time to start 😉

3. Make a list

On anything from your shopping list to your favourite songs.

4. Clichés/Stereotypes

…about anything! I’ll leave space for you to think 🙂

5. Why you do what you do

What do you do? Write? Draw? Sleep? (jk) Bake? Blog? Vlog? (the list could go on and on) Explain why. (try try try not to say it’s just fun. You can, but describe!)

Round 7 Little Challenges:

1) Post the post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday

Last time we did post the post on days that have the letter “t” in them so now we do the opposite 🙂

Remember to state what day you posted it on (from the list above) in your post and bold it!

2) Use a line from a song in your post

And after that line, please say which song it was from and sung by whom in brackets like this:

It’s too late to apologise (Apologise by Timbaland ft. OneRepublic)

(heheh listening to that song at the moment so I just used it)

If you don’t know who sang it or what that song is, um… try looking it up using key words or something. Credits people!

3) Dedicate the post to someone and say why

I always dedicate my stories to people (although I don’t necessarily say so in the story) because it’s fun and just gives me a nice feeling.

4) Use a meme OR a gif in your post

If you made that meme or gif yourself from your own photo/video then you’ll get points for it. Or else, nope. (hey you’ll still get points for doing this LC!)

5) Use the words “automatic” and “wander” in your post

I don’t know how you guys are gonna do this so impress me! 😛

Please submit your entries for this round’s link(s) in the comments down below *points down* by the 10th of June midnight! 

If you have any questions or things to state or just want to say something, just pop them into the comments below!

Come one guys, this is the last round! Make it count! 😀 Winners will be posted on the 11th of June.

Are you excited to see the results?!

Starling sign off #2



107 thoughts on “HARPs Round 6 Results + Round 7 {FINALE}

  1. Hi Starling,
    I’m really sorry, school started in June for me and I have been SUPER busy with a lot of things, so I wasn’t able to post on the 10th, midnight. I think it’ll be too much to ask to make an exception for a day or two, so I thought I’d at least let you know my reasons. 🙂 Though I didn’t post much (I’m so sorry!) I enjoyed being part of this very much! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah I see. Okay, thank you for letting me know! And yeah sorry I can’t offer datelines but I might get too mixed up and all…… Thank you for joining anyhow!

    Liked by 1 person

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