HARPs Round 4 Results + Round 5

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*UPDATED 16/5/2018

HEADS UP: It might be depressing to hear this, but I’m not as enthusiastic about HARPs anymore because several people have told me that they aren’t enjoying it as much and a lot of people have been dropping out (not necessarily because HARPs wasn’t fun). All these made it sound like HARPs is boring so forgive me if I sound robot-y and mean. I’m not blaming anyone, although I am highly discouraged and this sort of contributes to the fact that I might give up blogging.

So I’m just continuing HARPs for the sake of continuing but once it’s over, I’ll be glad it’s over (if you get what I mean).

Anyway, moving on.

Thank you so much to those who posted and seem enthusiastic for this contest 🙂

If your name is in bold, that means I got your submission(s) for this round. If your name is in italics, that means I got your comment as to why you couldn’t post for that round and I’ll give you 5 points to make up for it!

Team Bumblebee

Deb Whittam





Points earned this round: 39

Total points: 283

Bumblebee has kinda died down on posting actively which is totally okay because at least they’re still posting! Rebekah was too busy to post so she gets 5 points to make up for it. Chachel didn’t really give me a valid reason why she couldn’t post but I’m feeling quite generous so… 5 extra points!

Team Butterfly






Points earned this round: 323

Total points: 556

OH MY CHICKEN (inside joke) WHAT?! Team Butterfly got 318 points?!?! 😮 I am in utter shock. Much of the contribution goes to AGBeYourself who got a whooping 123 points in one post alone! Of course, the others helped loads too 😉

Mukta couldn’t post the last round because she has had some internet problems so 5 points will be given to her team to make up for her loss.

Team Ladybug




Points earned this round: 36

Total points: 274

HUGEEEE THANK YOU TO ROSE AND -CHH FOR POSTING! Especially -ChH because she has stuck with Team Ladybug for the longest time. Thanks girl!

Okay so because Team Ladybug is falling back by a lot of points, constantly losing team members, or have team members who are not posting, I will give them an extra 15 points to make up for the lost members. Then I’ll award 10 bonus points each to Rose and -ChH for making efforts to post.

Unfair? Maybe a little but it’s only for this round and they’re still in 3rd place.

Yashvi says she has been too busy to participate so she has to pull out. (I promise to be able to find a replacement for her)

Okay so now we have *Jo to take over one spot in Team Ladybug!

If I missed you out, please let me know and I’ll update the post ASAP!

Here are the rules…

  1. You CANNOT copy or duplicate anybody else’s post. If I see that a post like yours has already been posted, I will (try to) let you know. I’ll also not count that as your submission. But if your post has some similarities with others’ posts, that’s fine.
  2. You must get your post for that particular topic up within one week after I put up the topic. Any posts posted after the deadline will not be counted (and I don’t think I can afford extended deadlines)
  3. You’ve gotta tag each post with #HappyAndRandomPosts and/or HARPs (like how I did in this post)
  4. Comment your posts and their link down below every HARPs on my blog.
  5. Have fun!!! 🙂

Little Challenges Guidelines…

Little Challenges (aka LC) are small challenges you can complete while typing your posts up. (eg. insert the word “fun” in your post.) Once you complete the Little Challenge in ONE post, (no matter how many times you perform it in your post) you immediately earn 2 points. They’re not necessary, but they’re another way for you to earn more points for your team. Please bold the part where the Little Challenges come in if not I have to search for it 😛

And point system…

  1. Post a post related to the topic. You can post more than once each week.The maximum amount of times you can post is 3 times (per week) which means you have 3 chances to earn 3 points!! (total of 9 points) (3 points per post related to the HARPs Contest)
  2. Submitting photos related to your HARP which are taken by you (2 points per photo)
  3. Completing Little Challenges (2 points)
  4. Another thing! If it is possible, please try to calculate the amount of points you collected in one post and state it either at the end or at the beginning of the post! It will make things so much easier and faster and less confusing for me 🙂

Please read the last three sections above very carefully and thoroughly!

Round 5 Topic:

Type up encouraging posts for others to read

If that sounded confusing, basically just write up a post that you think will encourage others.

Round 5 Little Challenge:

Use your team name (Bumblebee, Butterfly, or Ladybug) in your post

If you mention that you’re in that team, it doesn’t count. It has to be something like: “You are as beautiful as a butterfly.” (you can’t use that-sorry! XD)

Please submit your entries for this round’s link(s) in the comments down below *points down* by the 21st of May midnight!

If you have any questions or things to state or just want to say something, just pop them into the comments below!

First commenter to comment that you would like to be on Team Ladybug will be chosen!

Starling sign off #2


83 thoughts on “HARPs Round 4 Results + Round 5

  1. Almost done! I’m sorry I have so many doubts, but… can the images I use be casual? Like maybe simple flower pictures, though there isn’t any mention of flowers in my post?

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  2. Oh urm *looks uncomfortable* I’m reeeeeeeally sorry about this but technically you posted your post after I posted mine so…. it doesn’t count 😦

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