2 in 1 No. 16

2 in 1

I know, I know. I said I wasn’t gonna post anything unrelated to HARPs but I have a LOT of 2 in 1s sitting in my drafts list right now so I thought I’d better get at least 1 or 2 done before I head off to my ________. (I put a blank in there to make it a “surprise”)

First up, we have The Craft Tag which I was nominated for by Chachel (she nominated me for quite a lot of things) Thank you!


  • Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  • Create 5+ new questions.
  • Tag people

The Questions:

  1. Is there something that you always like to make again and again?
    Well, I’m not much of a craft person (coz I’m lazy) but I do like making cards for people’s special days 🙂
  2. Do you have any tips for not creating a mess when crafting? (I know that’s a hard one).
    Well, if you’re doing something with paint or glue or something that will drip, I highly suggest spreading out some newspaper or a mat (we have a mat my mother saved specifically for art) on your work space to catch the drips. Or maybe keep a handy rubbish bin nearby? That way you can quickly throw away your trash and not have to clear all of it up at once.
  3. Any tips in general?
    There is no wrong or right in art. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
  4. If you could buy ANY craft material/item in the world, no matter what price, what would it be?
    WASHI TAPE! I have never had washi tape before and someday when we head to the bookstore, I am 100% sure I will look for it.
  5. Do you like to craft alone or together with someone?
    It depends on the project but normally I do it alone coz it helps me focus.

My Nominees:




(linked to their page with comments or their most recent post)

My Questions:

1) What is your favourite craft material?
2) Show us the best artwork/craft you’ve ever done.
3) How often do you craft/art?
4) What is your favourite art/craft quote?
5) Make an acronym out of the word “craft”

Have fun, nominees!

Next up, Carol nominated me for the Love the Skin You’re In tag.

Apparently she didn’t list the rules (so I’m assuming there are none..?) or maybe they are the same old set: “Thank nominator, answer questions, tag people, make new questions (or not) blah blah blah.”


1. One feature you love about yourself?

Sorry I’m just gonna “copy” Carol’s answer. My smile. I actually made a speech all about it but I won’t be sharing that “cringy” piece with you XD

Image result for smile quotes

2. One feature you wish/wished you could change that you are trying to accept or have accepted?

Well, I wish my eyes didn’t have any problems so that I wouldn’t have to wear glasses 😦 But other than that, all’s good.

3. Have you ever thought of getting surgery to change your imperfections?

NOOOOOO! You are literally cutting part of yourself off and that is so painful and in my opinion, a little inhumane.

4. Has a family member or friend ever put you down about your physical appearance? If so, what for?

I don’t think so..

5. Something you love about your fashion or sense of style?

It’s really simple. I don’t choose clothing that gives me limited movement because it will be too much of a hassle to change a few times in a day.

6. Why is your body a great place to be?

Image result for 1 corinthians 3:16

^^^ 🙂





(again, linked to their page with comments or their most recent post)

Enjoy this really self-reflecting tag people! 😀


Starling sign off #2


18 thoughts on “2 in 1 No. 16

  1. lol, mckenna was the one I stole it from, and those I tagged have been tagging her. thanks for doing it anywho! :)) and no, there are no specific rules that I know of. 😉

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  2. hiya! ookay, so, I have no clue if you read the post ir not… but I nominated you for two awards! the Versatile award and the Who is God to You tag. you don’t have to do them, but feel free! 😉 xx,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oh, yeah. sorry! it was just last month. I didn’t know if you read it or not… hehe. they should still be on my feed. 🙂

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  4. Hi Starling – I am so so sorry for the late notice and everything, but I am going to have to drop out of HARPs because my schedule is way too jam packed with my ballet and school and I don’t think I have time to squeeze in one more thing. I am so sorry and I hope you can find a replacement fast!! Thank you so much for hosting this – I had a great time ❤

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