Should I or Should I Not?

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Recently, I’ve been thinking about whether or not I should continue blogging and Jenna has also been having the same dilemma.

“WHAT?! Obviously you should stay and continue DUH!”Β might be your initial reaction buuuut hear me out first.

The reason why I brought this up was because…

1) I felt that I was spending too much time on the computer (coz of my studies and for blogging)

2) I feel like blogging is too much work and it became like a chore 😦

3) I don’t really have much motivation to post. Yes, even my very own post didn’t motivate me 😦

4) I need to spend more time on work. Not that my mother told me, just that I felt that I don’t study hard enough

At first I thought of taking a break so I can mull things over but then, I remembered the HARPs Contest I had to finish posting. So… I won’t be posting any other kind of posts except for HARPs and then when that finishes, I’ll see what happens.

Maybe by that time I’ll be motivated or maybe that time I’ll have given up. We’ll see.

But for now…

Should I or should I not continue with blogging?

Please take this quiz/survey thingy to help me out. Thanks!

To make this post more cheerful,


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Huge shoutout to my most recent follower, Ty! Be sure to check out his blog!

I hope this post hasn’t been too depressing for ya πŸ˜‰

Did you help me fill out the form?

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57 thoughts on “Should I or Should I Not?

  1. Starling, you gave me a heart attack when I read the title. Like seriously, YOU TERRIFIED ME. But please, please don’t go – give it some time or something, sometimes I feel the same way. But don’t give up – we’ll miss you so, so much. You were one of my first blogging friends and one of my best – don’t leave us!

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  2. I filled that form out!
    I’d been wondering about the same thing too a few months back… well, I just realised quitting wasn’t the answer for me. I’ve decided to change how I write my posts, and well, that’s proved useful, I suppose.
    I really don’t want to see you go! It’s not for me to decide, but… please please stay! *puppy dog eyes*

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  3. I can agree with #1 and #4, that’s why I am taking a “break” (doing less blogging kind of) and maybe you could try that too? Like you could blog a little less until school ends or whenever you feel ready. Hope I helped!

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  4. Just took the survey! Don’t go, you make our days bright and you are amazing! ☺️ Just remember to save time for other things too! We want you to feel comfortable.
    ~AGBeYourself ❀

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  5. I filled out the form, but all the same, I hope that you make a choice of your own in the end that you’re happy with. 😊 I’ll support you in whatever your decision ends up being! πŸ˜ƒ

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  6. NOO, DON’T LEAVE!!!!!!!!
    I actually have a similar problem, except I’m not planning on leaving.
    Maybe try posting once every week or two weeks, that way you blogging doesn’t take up all of you time and you’re not fully leaving.

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  7. Hmmmmm. I liked this post. I think do what your heart tells you to.
    As an aside, I’m doing a social experiment, just answer this next question: How does it feel being beautiful? Truly? Be as honest as you can.
    ~Emily xo

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  8. Starling!!! ☹ I would be really sad if you go– don’t leave me! I totally get you, I don’t really feel motivated to post or to write, even. But you’ll move on with that! I’m sure you will!! πŸ’› Gonna fill out the form! I’m praying for you and ate loves you, always!!! ❀

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  9. Please stay!! We will miss your blogs so much! Also, I think I filled out the survey…

    Also, I nominated you to do my new tag! Hope you can do it but if not let me know ASAP so I can re-nominate! The title is A tag by moi!! and yeah, hope you can do it! Rhi xxx (@

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  10. Hey Starling, I’ve been having the exact same problem! I think that’s half why I took a hiatus. I agree; blogging is kinda becoming like a chore to me and I’m not motivated to write. I never thought you’d leave though, because all your posts are so good. πŸ˜‰ If you leave, we’re all gonna miss you SOOOOOOO much!!! Of course I want you to stay πŸ˜‰ But it’s your choice. πŸ™‚ xx Even if you do leave, you’d still talk to us, right?????

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      1. Ohh haha I was wondering since when did this person follow me?! (but I was still grateful for that comment regardless who sent it)


  11. Hey Starling! (I think I’m late to fill out the form ☹️)

    I often feel that blogging can be a chore, but that’s when I step back and watch some funny cat vids or something. Sometimes you just need a break, ya know? But I encourage you to break temporarily and think over your decision to break permanently. You have good reasons, but sometimes our brains come up with things too quickly, and if we act fast, we’ll regret it later. You may find that blogging becomes the “rest” from that life used to be for blogging, and will be sad if you delete or end it all now. Maybe go on a “hiatus that may or may not end” and keep it like that. Who knows…you may come back to Starling again.

    (Starling the blog, I mean. It’s been a long night….πŸ˜‰)

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