HARPs Round 6 Results + Round 7 {FINALE}

*PLEASE VIEW THIS ON THE ACTUAL SITE* Yayyyy this post is finally up! 😀 Once again, so sorry for the little delay! Ahem. Ladies and Gentlemen... WELCOME TO THE GRAND FINALE OF THE HARPs CONTEST! 😀 I'm so so so excited for this! But also a little sad because well, it's ending! It has been… Continue reading HARPs Round 6 Results + Round 7 {FINALE}


HARPs Delay

Hey there! This is a really short post just to let you all know that there has been some complications so I have to delay the last round for the HARPs contest. So sorry! 😦 It will probably come out tomorrow. (I won't be accepting anymore posts for round 6 though)