Photos from Trip + HARPs Updates

Before we get onto the pictures from our trip, I just wanna do some shout outs. First of all, thanks to Lizzy, Chachel, Julia and Liz for promoting my lil' contest. I'm really touched and happy because the responses increased! 😀 And also thanks to all of you who joined and wished me all the… Continue reading Photos from Trip + HARPs Updates

YouTube Channels {Pt. 2}

  I did a post like this last year but there were only 4 YouTube channels I subscribed to *facepalm* Thankfully, now it has grown (and I unsubscribed to a few) PTXofficial Yup, still subscribed to this one 😉 Their covers are amazing, although it would be nice if they tried singing their own songs.… Continue reading YouTube Channels {Pt. 2}