When All Else Fails

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I haven’t written a “serious” topic in a while and I wanted today’s post to be short yet meaningful and this idea just popped into my mind.

Everyone has had bad days. You may even be having one right now! It just feels terrible, doesn’t it?

Imagine this: You wake up and find out you have about 7 minutes to get ready for school, your hair is out of order, you can’t find your school bag, you suddenly spot this red dot (aka pimple) on your nose, you forget to do homework and is scolded in front of the entire class, you fight with your best friend(s), your most disliked classes seem to drag on forever, the lunch line is so long and you barely have enough money, etc. The list could go on and on and on and on.

Finally, you reach home, plop down on your bed, and weep. You just cry for what seems like hours and think that tomorrow will just be as bad. Everything and everyone just seems to go against you.

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Guess what?


When all else fails, Jesus doesn’t.Β He’s there, watching out for you. Think of all the things that could have happened if He wasn’t there for you.

Yeah, depression can cause people to die. Death is already end right? But can Jesus prevent death? Yes! Hey, He defeated death!

(Depression isn’t really a topic I want to go into at the moment so let’s get back on track)

The point I’m trying to make is, Jesus will always be there for you. Look to Him even in your darkest times.

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What if I’m not a Christian? That’s alright! Become one! Head over to this page (Thanks, Madi) and find out how!

I hope you have been somewhat encouraged by this post in any way πŸ™‚

Remember that When All Else Fails, Jesus Doesn’t.

Has this post encouraged you?

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P.S I updated this post again and check out this new page!

34 thoughts on “When All Else Fails

  1. Nice post. I home-school, so I’m not like that, but I know that can happen to other people. If I’m having hard math, that could help. Thanks.

    ~Kate ❀

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  2. Thanks Kate! Hey I’m a homeschooler too πŸ™‚ Sure, we might not go through the things school going kids go through but everyone faces problems in their life. It’s just part of life. πŸ˜€

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  3. Spring allergies here in California. The weather became sunny and warm and I guess it encouraged all the plants to release pollen. Now the weather is cloudier.

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