300 Followers Celebration

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Remember I said I would make a post to celebrate 300+ followers? Well here’s the post as promised!

I wanted to do something a lil’ different, so instead of you asking me questions, I’ll be the one asking the questions and you can answer however many you like in the comments below.

By the way… After I finish typing up this post and click that blue publish button, I’ll be closing the registration form for the HARPs Contest sooooooo sorry to all those who didn’t get to sign up! 😦

Questions Time!

Please feel free to answer however many you like! You don’t have to copy and paste the questions, just answer it like so:


1) I would (your answer)

2) (your answer)


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1) If you were stuck on an island with only three scraggly half-dead coconut trees, a bucket, and two batteries, what would you do?

2) Do you think apples or oranges would taste better when dipped in ketchup?

3) What, in your opinion, is the best way to wake someone up?

4) What happened to the chicken who crossed the road?
(a) It lost its legs and had to use crutches
(b) It lost all its feathers and was flightless
(c) It lost its head and was a headless chicken

5) Where would you go to buy some already completed DIY telescope kits?

6) List 3 things that you think would make water taste nicer (than it already is)

7) What is your favourite number? Why? (the answer doesn’t have to make sense but please don’t say, “Just because” or something like that)

8) Argue FOR this statement: “Animals should be eating human food.”

9) How many times would you use exclamation points (!) in a persuasive essay that is 5 paragraphs long? (just guess)

10) Set a stopwatch and say this sentence: “How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” as fast as possible. Make sure to pronounce each word audibly!! How fast can you say it?

11) What time is it there now?

12) What colour is your shirt?

13) Type this sentence without backspacing/correcting AT ALL. So if you miss something out… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ “What is the periodic table sign thingy (or whatever you call it) for Thallium?” (if it looks like a bad word you may correct it)

14) What sounds can you currently hear?

15) Who do you think would be the best candidate for world reign?
(a) Charlotte Brontë
(b) Madeleine L’Engle
(c) Louisa May Alcott

16) How many keys are there on your keyboard?

17) Among the three choices below, where do you think s’mores are best roasted over?
(a) Candle
(b) Stove
(c) Lighter (I’m currently dying with laughter)

18) Nips or M&Ms? Why?

19) Would you rather drink blood or eat toenails?

20) If pizza was banned, what would be on your poster to rebel against that fact?

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Get commenting with your answers!

I actually planned to have about 50 questions but I’m running out of time and I can’t think of that many questions 😛

Have fun answering the questions! 😀

What are your answers?

Starling sign off #2

P.S Please do check out Gaby‘s blog! She’s planning to hit 100 followers before her blog anniversary in July so why don’t you give her a hand? (literally, by just clicking on that “Follow” button XD)


39 thoughts on “300 Followers Celebration

  1. Haha I love all these questions! XD XD Here are my answers:

    1. I would make a fire so people would see the smoke
    2. Apples dipped in ketchup 😜
    3. Jump on them, or fill their hand with whipped cream then tickle their nose
    4. It lost its head and was and was a headless chicken. Or maybe d which is not there, but I think if it were hit by a car it would have lost all of its body parts and not just its head XD
    5. No idea!
    6. (1) lemon and sugar (2) Grape juice (3) a tea bag and sugar
    7. I like the number 9 and 11 because 9 is the number of my family, and 11 is the number of my family plus in-laws and my sister’s kids. 😊
    8. Animals should totally be eating human food because they are equal to us and they should be allowed to have the delicious food that we have. ANIMAL RIGHTS!!! (btw I don’t actually stand for this 😉 )
    9. NO TIMES!
    10. 2.320 seconds
    11. 6:41PM
    12. Pinkish peachish with white stripes.
    13. What is the periodic table signthingy (orwhatever you call it) for Thallium?”
    14. The sounds of my brother playing plants vs zombies, so basically dead people saying “brains” over and over again, and the sound of the sausages cooking on the stove. And a car.
    15. I only know Louisa May Alcott, so her, but I still don’t think she’d be good for word reign! XD
    16. 105.
    17. Stove
    18. M&M’s because I don’t know what Nips are and I love the nuts inside them! And because they make my tongue colourful…
    19. I’d rather drink my own blood. But just a little because I don’t wanna lose too much blood…
    20. Uh… A sad pizza? I literally have no clue XD XD XD

    Thanks for doing this, Starling! I had fun! Congrats again! 😀

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  2. What a fun idea for a celebration! 😀 Okay, for my answers:

    1) I’d collect salt water in the bucket and begin heating it over a small fire (using some branches from the coconut trees) so that I could have something to drink and not become dehydrated. Next, I’d look into making a shelter (and maybe a raft, as well) using other materials from the trees. I don’t know how long I’d survive, haha
    2) I’m going to say apples, but either combination makes my stomach churn xP
    3) I usually pat sleeping persons (i.e. my family) lightly on the shoulder while saying their name.
    4) I read a great joke about the chicken where the reply was, “To get to your house.” Then you say ‘knock, knock,’ ‘who’s there?’, the chicken. XD
    5) EBay, maybe?? Although I don’t know what I’d do with it haha
    6) Infused water (where you add fresh fruit) is really good! I can’t think of anything more…maybe, if more of our water came from fresh sources. 😀
    7) I really like 7, and not just because it’s the number of this question, lol! I love it because it’s used so many times in the Bible 🙂
    8) Don’t you agree that the world would be a much nicer, convenient place if we weren’t required to go buy our pets food produced especially for them? By giving them a portion of what we ourselves eat, there is great simplicity to be found … just don’t give dogs any chocolate.
    9) I would say once, because I don’t like to come across as bouncy and over-enthusiastic in written assignments, haha
    10) 2.15 seconds! It’s one of the tongue twisters I can do lol
    11) 7:08 AM, I just got up
    12) Pale green.
    13) “What is the periodic table abbreviation (haha) for Thallium?” To answer the question, I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Th.’
    14) The box fan running in my room, as well as the little space heater.
    17) A candle, because a stove doesn’t have enough direct flame, and a lighter just wouldn’t do the job XD
    18) M&M’s, because they’re amazing, AND because I’ve never tried Nips!
    19) Well, I’d eat toenails, but only if they were put in some other food – not straight. O_o
    20) I’d do something with a popular meme, but I’m not awake enough yet to plot clearly enough, haha

    This was so much fun, Starling! I enjoyed answering your questions. ❤

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  3. Hahaha this is awesome!!
    1) Make a fire and set off a flare. Somehow.
    2) Apples, maybe???
    3) Go into their room yelling. If that doesn’t work, jump on their bed. (Thank you little brother for letting me know that this is an effective method. 😂😂😂
    4) B…
    5) Um. NASA?!? 🤣🤣🤣
    6) Sugar, fruit juice, and sugar.
    7) 7! Because it is God’s favorite number, apparently, he uses it A LOT in the Bible.
    9) Ummm… 7? XD
    10) Can I skip this one??? 😂😂😂
    11) 9:23 AM
    12) Brown
    13) What is the periodic table sign things (or whatever you call it ) do r Thallijsm?
    14) My brother talking jibberish, the computer next to me, my iPad keyboard and now my brother mumbling about Thomas The Train.
    15) God. So there.
    16) 37.
    17) b.
    18) M&Ms cause I’ve never had nips.
    19) No. Just no.
    20) It would be a sign praising the fact because I don’t like pizza.

    Congrats again on 300 followers!!!! 🎉💕💕

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  4. 1. Wonder how I even got on the island first probably. 😆 But then try to find water that’s not the ocean. If I can’t find any, that means I’ll die. (Woah that got dark)
    2. Nope. 😆
    3. To not wake them up at all! I’d rather wait until I can tell they’re awake. (Though the other day, I woke my sister up at four in the morning by sneezing)
    4. Maybe a?
    5. I have no idea. Maybe a ‘used toys store’. 😂
    6. Everyone should distill it (my family already does it, but some people just drink tap water)… and I can’t think of anything else.
    7. 3! I’m 3rd born in my family, was born in 2003, and it just seems like such a great number you know?
    8. Dogs like bacon! Bacon is good! (Not for the pigs obviously, but for dogs, yes.)
    9. None. It looks more professional to not. (At least that’s what my teacher told me once in LA class)
    10. I did it 2 seconds the first time, but that didn’t seem right, and upon doing it two more times (hitting 3 seconds) realized that it just was going as fast as a regular timer. 😛
    11. 8:00 a.m.
    12. It’s black with white stripes.
    13. What is the periodic table sign thingy (or whatever you call it) for Thallium?
    14. Dishes being washed, doors being opened, my keyboard clicking slightly, the song ‘Fight Song’ and my sisters singing to it.
    15. I only slightly recognize the second one (she wrote A Wrinkle In Time, right?). So I guess I have to go with her. 😂
    16. *begins counting* 78. If we’re counting those off buttons, sound controlling, escape, screen brightness, control, and those four arrows to go up down back and forth on lines. (All of those kind of things; I didn’t name all of them.)
    17. A candle. (Unless it’s one of those stoves that literally lights on fire)
    18. M&M’s. I know what those are. (Unless you meant Nibs; then it depends on which kind of M&M’s it is! The tiny ones, or big ones, or the ones with pretzels inside… 😜)
    19. Ew. Um… drink blood.
    20. It would be a picture of a pizza. That’s all it would take for people to want it back. 😆

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  5. This is so cool!
    Do you think apples or oranges would taste better when dipped in ketchup?Oranges!

    What time is it there now?

    What colour is your shirt?
    Blue/purple hoodie. Green floral top

    What sounds can you currently hear?
    My Dad watching the news my mum cooking.

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  6. 1. I would pray :):)
    2. apples
    3. with an alarm clock hehehe
    4. b seems the less painful of the 3 🙂
    5. amazon they have everything
    6. strawberries, lemons, watermelons
    7. it changes but 212 because that is my sons birthday 2/12
    8. because it taste better, it has to. Seriously have you ever smelled animal food? YUCK! I always feel bad for the poor things having to eat that smelly, who knows what’s in it stuff they have to eat.
    9. 20 times but in groups of 5 (!!!!!) so actually if you count the groups only 4 times!!!!!
    10. 12 seconds
    11. 10:32 pm
    12. Dark blue
    13. Whatistheperiodictablesignthingy(orwhateveryoucallit)forThallium? ok I don’t know if I did that right but it was hard to not hit the spaces. and I don’t know if I spelled everything correctly either, and I am not checking it for typos. hahahaha shew you aren’t making this easy Starling hahaha
    14. the ceiling fan turning, and my laptop running
    15. c
    16. really? 101 but I only counted them once so that maybe off :):)
    17. I am going to have to say all of the above because when you want s’mores, ya gotta do what ya gotta do :):)
    18. M&M’s they melt in your mouth not in your hands 😉 plus I’ve never had nips 🙂
    19. I WILL NOT be doing either of those 2 things, nope.
    20. hahaha…oh my goodness they will never ban pizza, now I know these are trick questions.

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  7. 1) Probably collect some water, get a coconut, drink from it, and try to do a SOS SIGN.
    2) Definitely apples.
    3) Splash them with a bucket of water.
    4) (a)-it’s the funniest.
    5) Probably Kmart. XD
    6) Lemons, sugar and oranges?
    7) 21 because that’s my birth-date.
    8) It tastes better. And animals would be much happier eating pizza.
    9) Maybe twice?
    10) I’m sorry…………. I’m not bothered to.. JK… 4 seconds!
    11) It is 12:13 PM!
    12) Navy-dark blue.
    13)What is the period ic sign thingy for THAllium./?
    14) Lights Down Low.
    15) I don’t know…..
    16) 87
    17) (b)
    18) M&Ms because I have no idea what Nips are.
    19) Blood beacasuse it tastes nice.
    20) There would be no poster. I’d be crying in my room. XD

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  8. I love the questions, here are my answers:
    1) I would try and take rocks and all those things to write SOS in big, so that the planes can read it.
    2) Apples, but i will still not eat it.
    3) Throw a bucket of water on the person. 😉
    4) C, it will be a headless chicken but will still run.
    5) ? (Idk)
    6) Lemon, orange, and strawberries.
    7) I don’t have a favourite number. But i can say 21, because I am born on a 21.
    8) If we can eat delicious food so can animals.
    9) 3 times. (I’m just gessing)
    10) 3,48 seconds.
    11) 7:46 a.m.
    12) Grey.
    13) What is the periodic table sign thingy (or whatever you call it) for Thallium?
    14) The birds.
    15) I only know Charlotte Brontë, so her.
    16) 78 keys.
    17) B, stove.
    18) M&Ms, because I’ve never tasted Nips (and because I love M&Ms).
    19) Drink blood. 😀
    20) “Let people be happy, don’t ban pizza”

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  9. This is so late XD I’m terrible! (I’m way way way behind on posts cause of Camp NaNo) This is a fun idea!!
    1.) I don’t know… try to survive??? XD
    2.) Apples because I do not like oranges… :/
    3.) Splash them with water *evil laugh*
    4.) (c)
    5.) Uhhh random? I don’t know…. your’s Grandma’s house??? Or your friends house???
    6.) What.
    7.) I think 14 or 42 or 24 or some other number I have a bazillion favorites 😉 because I said so.
    8.) No. I will not argue for that because one of my friend’s dog, Ryder died recently and he got people food sometimes not purposely it would just get dropped and he would get it and he had seizures because of it and he died from rat poisoning. 😦 😦 😥
    9.) Too many XD
    10.) Like 3 seconds but I had to try two times.
    11.) 4:08
    12.) A pajama shirt: pink with the Giants logo and name
    13.) WHat is the periodic sign table thingy (or whatever you call it) for Thallium>
    Noooo I meant to put a question mark XD
    14.) My brother walking around, the humidifier running, my keys typing. Yeah…
    15.) (c)
    16.) probably as many as a normal keyboard cause I’m not gonna count… 😀
    17.) (a)
    18.) M&M’s because I’ve never had Nips
    19.) Toenails
    I don’t know, that sign is too cheesy XD
    This was so fun!!

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