Things to Say

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Hello hello hello!

I have much to tell you all so brace sit back and enjoy.

The Trip

I don’t really have much to tell you because I’ll be telling all about my trip in another post (haha I don’t know when but soon) but I’ll just say it was super duper fun and relaxing for now! 😀

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Good Friday + Easter

On Good Friday, we came back from the trip, rested, then headed out to church for a service at 8 pm.

On Sunday, we had to wake up at 5 am because our service was at 6 am (it’s normally at 10:30 so this was a huge difference for all of us) Because it was a sunrise service, we sat on plastic chairs arranged in the carpark outside. It wasn’t hot as I expected it to be because there were portable fans at the place where my family and I sat and I’m also thankful that it didn’t rain either.

I THINK it was a sunrise service because Jesus (the Son of God) rose on the third day 😉 Get it? 😛

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Let us all be thankful because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and paid the price for us.

Afterwards, I went for some swimming with some church friends to complete some merits thingy.

April Fool’s

Not as amusing as I thought it would be. Anyway, there were some jokes going around but I didn’t find it funny at all although I used to.

Chloë’s Birthday

Guyyyyys you won’t believe this but Chloë over at Golden Feathers Silver Clouds was born on April Fool’s Day! Do go over and wish her.

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Okay, that wasn’t as many words as I expected it to be but good enough. I don’t want to bombard you with too much info.

I’ll be posting a really exciting post tomorrow and some photos from the trip (I hope) soon!!

How was Good Friday and Easter for you?

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