HARPs Round 2 Results + Round 3

*UPDATED 2/5/2018 Annnnnnd it's time for another round of the HARPs contest! *foghorn* (that sound is so annoying, I don't even know why I added that in here) Anyway, good job to everyone who posted 🙂 I was kinda drained when I read all your HARPs posts yesterday so I just trusted your points tallying… Continue reading HARPs Round 2 Results + Round 3

When All Else Fails

I haven't written a "serious" topic in a while and I wanted today's post to be short yet meaningful and this idea just popped into my mind. Everyone has had bad days. You may even be having one right now! It just feels terrible, doesn't it? Imagine this: You wake up and find out you… Continue reading When All Else Fails