Sharing is Caring

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Imagine if you started a blog. The design looks perfect, the posts are up, and the site is generally well under control.

There’s just one teensy weensy little problem- there are no readers.

What’s the point of starting a blog to showcase something when there’s no one to showcase to?!?

Isn’t it sad? Isn’t it heartbreaking? Isn’t it a little boring?

Well, that’s exactly how Julia feels.

I can’t remember when she started her current blog but it’s been awhile. I am very proud to say that I have supported her from Day 1 of her current blog, Julia’s Creative Corner.

Some of you may know her, some of you may not. But that’s okay! This is precisely why I’m sharing her blog with all you lovely people πŸ™‚

Julia has spent a lot of effort, time, and money on her blog. Not to mention the sacrifices she had to make in order to keep the blog going.

And yet only 20 people are subscribed to her.

I can’t buy any stuff online but I did subscribe to her blog which is already showing my support. All hardworking bloggers deserve some love and care, so go ahead and subscribe to her now!

But please don’t subscribe if you don’t enjoy reading her posts, if not, what’s the point of subscribing?! Subscribe because you actually want to read her posts.Β Her posts are something worth reading so I really hope you do.

You might be a blogger who has so many followers or subscribers that it’s hard to remember who’s who, but remember the time when you were a fresh face to the blogging world? It’s been a long journey but eventually people supported you. Now it’s time to give some of the love back. (which is what I’m doing)


(just in case you missed the links up there πŸ˜‰ )

Have you checked out Julia’s blog? How does it feel to have 0 support on your blog?

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32 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. That’s so nice of you to prompt her blog!!!!
    Just checked her blog out and it’s AMAZING!!!!!!!!!
    And I agree with you she does deserve 10x more followers!!

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  2. Just subscribed to her!! (Honestly how has nobody found her blog, it’s so gorgeous and she writes so well) Thank you so much for this post, Starling! I totally sympathize with her πŸ˜€

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  3. I also remember that same feeling, for months and months I only had like 2 followers, it sometimes got discouraging! Thanks for doing this Starling, I will definitely go check out her blog! πŸ™‚

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  4. So I may or may not have just burst into tears…? This was so amazingly serendipitous, that I literally have no words. Except these: THANK YOU SO MUCH. THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL. *blows nose*

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    Sorry Julia. I have subscribed now and will be offering much support in the future. You and your book are an inspiration to me.

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