Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #6

This is the finale of AAWC so Zielle gave us loads of prompts and chances to earn many many many points!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!
















Thanks for all your effort, guys! This team rocks ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll try my best to use each and every one of the prompts so that we can max out the chances of maintaining first place.

Prompt count:ย 16

Total points:ย 18


Luna was sitting in front of the mirror once again, trying to beautify herself using many ways. Makeup, hairstyles, and clothes.

Her best friend, Gwen, was sitting on Luna’s bed, bored out of her mind. She was the complete opposite of Luna, being a tomboy and really uninterested in her looks.

“Are you done yet?” she asked for the umpteenth time. “At this rate, we’re never going to leave the room.”

“Almost,” Luna answered, holding up two sets of earrings to compare. “I just need your help to decide which I should go with.”

“Again?” Gwen groaned. “Didn’t we already settle that part?”

“Changed my mind,” Luna said, and tossed the blue pair onto her dressing table. “I think yellow will bring my face out more.”

“Yes, are we done?” Gwen repeated. “If no, I’m leaving now.”

“What?” Luna gasped. “But…But…”

Gwen pulled the door open and screamed. A man who looked like a beggar was standing at the door.

Luna jumped up and walked to the far side of the room to maintain more space between him and herself.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” Luna demanded rather rudely.

The man frowned. “Now, that’s no way to talk to your elders.”

“Who are you, seriously?” Luna demanded, sounding panicky.

“My name is Alexander but everyone calls me Alex so I suggest you do the same.” The man bowed. “And I believe I have been called here to assist you.”

“Nobody called you, Alex,” Luna replied.

“Oh really? Then why is that in your ceiling?” Alex pointed to the ceiling. Luna screamed again.


The bottom half of Gwen was poking out of the top of the ceiling. Except that she was wearing something Luna would wear and she would definitely not wear.

“Gwen?! Gwen!” Luna tugged at Gwen’s legs.

“Ouch, let go, Luna!” Gwen yelled. Then she screamed too. “HELP ME!!! I”M STUCK IN THE FLOOR!”

“How did that happen?!” Luna turned and asked Alex. Her jaw dropped. Their surroundings had changed completely.

They were now in a sort of underground room. With tree roots serving as the wallpaper. Gwen was nowhere to be seen.

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I’m just a random stranger who is just as puzzled as you.”

“How are you so calm?!” Luna wanted to shake him till his teeth rattled. “Gwen?! Where are you?”

“Because I’m not real,” Alex answered, still as calm as ever.

“So this is a dream?” Luna began pacing, and her surroundings changed with a swish again, this time with Gwen lying on the floor clothed in all black. But was it Gwen? It didn’t seem like Gwen.

Luna rushed over but before she reached Gwen, their surroundings changed with tiny swishing sounds again. Gwen was a different person each time.

Swish.ย Gwen a prisoner.

Swish. Gwen a fairy.

Swish. Gwen a huge man.

Swish. Gwen a skateboarder.

Swish. Gwen a tiny smoking dragon.

Swish. Gwen a horseman riding across a wobbly wooden bridge.

Swish. Gwen struggling to open a door but was pushed back by some unseen force.

“How can I help her?” Luna turned to Alex desperately.

“Simple. You must give up what traps you,” Alex answered.

“But what traps me?” Luna asked.

Swish. Gwen was nowhere to be seen in the next scene.

“GWEN!” Luna screamed.

“Think,” Alex whispered. “Think harder.”

“I-I-I can’t…” Luna wanted to cry and she bit back her tears. She knew she had to keep going for Gwen. If she gave up, her best friend would be gone forever. She just knew.

“What keeps you from Gwen?” Alex asked.

Suddenly, Luna knew. Herself. She prided too much in her looks and herself that she had neglected Gwen.

But was she ready to give all these up for her best friend? The one who had stuck with her through thick and thin and stood up for her since they were kids? The one who saw through her flaws and accepted her? The one who helped her all the time?

The answer was yes.

Luna took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “I give myself up for Gwen.”

Alex smiled and caught her as Luna fell into a trance.

Luna opened her eyes.

She was in a garden. More like meadows but garden would do.

In the garden grew the most beautiful flowers; and they were all poisonous.ย But amongst all the poisonous ones grew a flower that was not poisonous and stood out from the rest as a dull and ugly flower.

Luna walked out of the garden. She saw a large group of kids walk past.

The city kids had hair every shade of the rainbow.ย One stood out from the rest because his hair was black and boring amidst all the colours.

Luna continued walking. She met a woman who seemed friendly enough.

“Hello. I need your help. Where am I?” Luna asked the woman.

“You’re somewhere,” the woman answered back.

Luna sighed. “I’m afraid I’ll never get my best friend back if I give up myself.”

โ€œItโ€™s your choice,โ€ she shrugged. โ€œYou can continue on with your miserable life, or you can become someone who can make a difference.โ€

“Thanks.” Luna woke up.

“Do you understand now?” Alex asked, helping her up. They were on a beach, and a single rusted trolley spoiled the beauty of the beach.

“Yes. Where’s Gwen?” Luna inquired.

“She’ll come,” Alex answered.

They waited for what seemed like an eternity.

Finally, Gwen stumbled out of the darkness.

Luna screamed in delight and dashed over to hug her.

They held each other until the scene changed.

“I’m so sorry, Gwen,” Luna sobbed.

Gwen smiled. “It’s cool.”

“I promise I won’t ever neglect you ever again,” Luna whispered.

They both turned to thank Alex, but he was gone and they were back in Luna’s room.


It wasn’t a lot of points, but I’m pretty pleased with the story ๐Ÿ™‚

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