What Happens When You Leave the Internet World for a Week

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It feels so good to be back in the blogging atmosphere! I have been catching up on all your posts, and comments. I also managed to schedule one post, which actually worked! This new method I tried out would take a lot of pressure off my shoulders.

Since I mentioned I wasn’t around for one in my previous post, I’m going to share what happens when you leave the internet world for one week! 😮

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1. Countless Emails

Urgh this is a little irksome, because a lot of emails that come in are related to blogging, thus I have to read ’em all. Okay, I admit, I didn’t read them all (I’m sorry don’t kill me) but I have a life to live and I can’t spend too much time reading emails.

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2. Posts & Comments

I gotta catch up on reading your posts and comments that I feel guilty that you all wonderful people haven’t received a reply, a like, view, or a comment since… a while ago!! >_< Thankfully, I spared a bit of data and hurried over to WordPress to read your comments and reply within a couple of minutes.

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3. No Easy Research

When I want to find out the meaning of a word that I have no idea about, or look some other things up, I’m like, “Argh I have to save data for my studies!!” IT IS FRUSTRATING!! 😦 And data isn’t free, people. Plus, it isn’t my data I’m using. *stuffs pillow in face*

Moral of the story: be thankful for internet and WiFi. Some live with none.

Have a great day!

Jesus loves you 🙂

Relatable? What is the longest time you’ve been away from the internet for?

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47 thoughts on “What Happens When You Leave the Internet World for a Week

  1. Yes when I am off my computer for a few days, my inbox is suddenly like screaming at me that I’ve got 200+ emails. And I’m like… HOW DID THESE GET HERE?! 😂

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    I can totally relate to your feeling because i took like a 2 month break from blogging where i just thought ‘im going to fail my exams if i do not solely work on them’!!!! and i just got back into blogging recently (like 3 days ago) and the blogesphere is so lovely and the community and there is a sense of appreciation and motivation from everyone that makes you want to post more and more!! so i wish you a successful and amazing start back to your blog!

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  3. Haha! I can relate! 😂 so many emails, messages *rolls eyes* I would love to know what your new blogging schedule is! Cause I am really in need of organisation blogging wise! Only if you want to ☺️

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