Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #5

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Anyway, Zielle extended this round’s AAWC deadline because someone requested for it. Thank you so much! It means that now I can post my submission because it’s already past the official deadline.














It would really help if the rest of y’all posted too, though 😉

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Prompt count: 3

Total points: 9

Christmas is Back!

It was a cold winter night, in the town of Meadows. Santa Claus was making his usual rounds, as he normally did, one day before Christmas. He landed the sleigh with a soft thud on the snow covered roof of number 73, St. 5. Struggling to pull the sack of presents over the edge of the sleigh with his numb fingers, Santa shook the snow out of his beard.

“Drat this nasty snow,” Santa muttered, as he made his way over to the chimney. However, there was no chimney. “Guess I’ll have to take the door,” Santa sighed. He turned to go.


Before he had a chance to enter his sleigh once again, a gun shot rang through the cold air and hit Santa on the neck.

“Argh!” Santa pulled the fake bullet out of his neck, but the chemicals had already entered his body, and he slumped to the ground.

The man who had shot it ran over, followed by his companion. Quickly, he snapped a photo of the fat man lying on the ground. “Gotcha!”

The other man gulped. “Um, Carlos? Did you just shoot down, and possibly kill, Santa?”

“Of course not. Now we just have to send this picture to the newspaper company. Let’s go!”

“We can’t just leave him here!” the other man said.

“Yes we can. He’ll wake up in about five minutes, now three, that you’ve wasted so much time arguing with me, so let’s leave!” The man who had fired the gun hurried off, with his friend hot on his heels.

Exactly three minutes later, Santa awoke with a start. His back felt cold. Terribly cold. Could he sit up? Good. He stretched his arms, and waited for the yawn that never came. Suddenly, he remembered what had happened.

Feeling extremely mad, Santa Claus stood up, swung his sack over his shoulder, then climbed back into the sleigh. He cracked the whips of the reindeers and off they flew. All the way back to the North Pole, Santa muttered angrily to himself.

“If that’s what I get in return for delivering presents to these ungrateful people, I’d rather not do it at all!”

“Having the nerve to shoot me down like that! As if I was a robber!”

“Ungrateful people. I’ll show ’em unkindness!”

When he reached back to his home, Santa placed the reindeers back in their stalls, then went and snuggled up in his own warm and cosy bed.

Three hours later, as the sun was just beginning to show itself over the roofs of the houses, a man burst into Santa’s room without bothering to knock. “SANTA! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” The man wearing a business suit was filled with rage, and looked like he was about to pull his hair out any moment.


“Mmph,” Santa Claus replied, and turned over.

“WAKE UP!” the man pulled his sheets off. “You have done something terrible!”

“What did I do?” Santa groaned, groping around for his blanket.

“You left half the children in the world present-less!” the man was now thinking like a maniac. “Maybe we can give them double -no, triple- the amount of presents next year. Or we could go out and hand presents out. No, Santa must not be seen. WAKE UP! You need to go out and fix your mistake!” he roared into Santa’s ears.

“No!” Santa Claus yelled back. “I will not be left reward-less for everything I’ve been doing for the past ten years! You, Mr. Gasso, are mad!”

“You’re fired!” Mr. Gasso screamed, and left the room, with a loud slam to the door.

Ex-Santa slowly crawled out of bed, thinking that he’d better leave as soon as possible, and return to his family and home in Egypt. At least there he knew he was loved.


Mr. Gasso had just finished an interview with someone he hoped could be the next Santa Claus. For the past five Christmases, millions of children had been checking under their trees for presents, but found none. Their hope in Santa was fading, and Mr. Gasso didn’t intend to let that happen.

Within the next week, a new Santa Claus had moved into the mansion that served for all the Santa Clauses that had replaced each other for centuries.

He was trying out the new Santa costume, when Mr. Gasso came into the dressing room. He threw a newspaper onto the table, and New Santa scanned the headlines: Christmas is Back! He nodded solemnly. Mr. Gasso was telling him that there was going to be a lot of pressure on him, because people had been missing Christmas for the past five years.

All over the world, at that very moment, people were saying to each other, “Have you seen the headline of today’s newspaper? Christmas is back!”

On the 24th of December, everyone would be waiting with cameras, to welcome Santa.

As New Santa sat in his sleigh, he could feel the his stomach moving here and there, as if he’d just gone down the stairs.


It was going to be a tough job.

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There ya go! My submission for this round! I won’t be posting on Wednesday or Thursday, because I have some work to do and I need to catch up on reading posts from about 5 days ago (and they keep on coming in) 😮

Have a nice day! 😀

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