Things I’ve Noticed About Blogging

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Hello there!

Today’s post is rather interesting. I’ll be sharing some things I’ve noticed on blogging so far. Enjoy!

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1. Everyone is so Supportive

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Actually I’ve seen people offend other people, but other than that, everything’s good. From what I’ve observed, all the comments I see are kind and encouraging. It’s really good, coz I was actually pretty scared of trollers (not a word hahaha) I still am, but not as bad as before.

2. It’s Awkward in the Comments (sometimes)

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Take this made up conversation for instance:

Commenter: Great post! I really loved it!

Me: Thank you!

Commenter: You’re a really great writer πŸ™‚

Me:Β Hahaha thanks!

Commenter: My pleasure πŸ˜‰


It’s so awkward because all you’re doing is saying “thank you” and you wish you could do better. It’s worse if someone asks you to check out their blog. Or if you’re commenting…

Me: What a lovely post! Really inspiring!

Commenter: Thanks, Starling! It means a lot.

Me: You’re welcome!

It just feels so… empty. And also, I’m running out of ways to say “You’re welcome.”

List of ways to reply to a “thank you”:

You’re welcome

You’re most welcome

Β My pleasure

No worries

No problem

Don’t mention it


3. It’s Frustrating

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I’m sure every blogger has encountered some sort of problem with blogging. Maybe you have had trouble following blogs (like me- don’t worry, it’s fixed now), the post you typed up didn’t post and got DELETED, you accidentally posted ahead of time, no post ideas.

If you haven’t encountered any of these before, congratulations.Β HOW DO YOU DO IT?!

Sometimes you just feel like doing whatever the man in the picture is doing. But then, you won’t have a computer anymore.

4. It’s Tiring

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You feel so obliged to post and read all the posts in your reader. Double kill, if it’s super wordy.

5. You actually MISS your blog/blogging

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Yeap that’s right. If blogging is something as important as your sleep (hahaha not really) you’ll feel so empty without it. So blog! πŸ˜€ Maybe it can help you relax.

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So there you have it! Some things I’ve noticed about blogging. Some nice, some not.

See you tomorrow!

Relate to any of the above?

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46 thoughts on “Things I’ve Noticed About Blogging

  1. YAAASS! I can relate to all of these! Especially the awkward comments. πŸ˜› And yes, everyone is very supportive! And yes again, it is VERY frustrating at times. :/ XD

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  2. This post TOTALLY is what I am feeling in blogging. WORDPRESS WILL LITERALLY MESS UP MY POSTS SO MUCH!!!!!! It makes me want to scream! So, I can totally relate with the comment thing:
    Commenter: Aww, this post is so great and hilarious!!!
    Me: Thank you so much!
    Commenter: My pleasure!
    I think we think this way, because we want a deeper conversation with other people. I totally want this to happen, but a lot of times other people don’t feel comfortable going deep in conversation. I have found that out a lot while blogging. What you said really helped me! By saying “You’re welcome” instead I said one of the other ways that you put in this post. I hope this comment isn’t too weird and that it is an unusual comment.

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  3. dude, awkward comments are terrifying. like help me i’m dying of embarrassment :O

    No matter how many awkward/odd/rage-inducing things there are about blogging, oh my goodness it’s still worth it!!

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  4. :):) You are spot on with your observations Starling. Everyone is nice and supportive. Yes, comments. I use to be so scared to leave a comment, who would want to hear what I have to say but then I would get inspired by something the blogger wrote, and I went for it hahaha. Now I feel I might comment too much, and bloggers wished I had stayed scared to comment hahaha :):):) WordPress drops blogs I follow ALL the time. I will miss seeing posts from that blogger, click on their blog to send them a “hope you are ok” comment and there will be tons of post. I’d check my list of blogs I follow, and they won’t be on it. I re-follow, sometime it works, somtimes not. That is a little frustrating. :):)

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  5. Great post! Really inspiring! You’re such a great writer!
    Haha, but really you are! I notice these things too! It’s so akward when you don’t know what to say. Especially when someone answers with an emoji!! Haha πŸ™€

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  6. Yeah, WordPress messes things up but it’s the most used blogging platform so it’s easier for others to follow? Idk.
    I’ve had some LONG conversations with people in theirs or my posts so sometimes it amounts to about 50 comments or more XD
    Glad that list helped! πŸ™‚
    It’s okay, I love comments of any kind!

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  7. Thanks, Margaret! Like you, I suppose πŸ˜‰ Everyone would love to hear your thoughts! It’s alright XD At least we know you’re still there. Wow, that’s really nice of you! If you have problems, you can ask for help from a WordPress Expert. I’ve fixed the problem that way πŸ™‚


  8. Thank youuuu Rachel!! You’re pretty good yourself πŸ˜‰ yeah! And you’re just like… “Should I send back an emoji? Or should I just leave it?” Normally I just leave it XD


  9. Yeah, same. LOL
    Yes, that is the same with me. XD Once I had an 100 comment conversation with someone! XD
    Yes, it did! OK, I am glad!

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  10. Very relatable! Except I didn’t know that about the comments thing. The interaction never really seemed awkward to me lol. I’ve noticed after some time blogging on WordPress that the people here are really nice and supportive, as you said. Blogging has it’s ups and downs, but it’s a great way to share your voice online and read other people’s content as well!

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