Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #3

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By the way, thanks to all you girls who posted and helped gain us a LOT of points! Definitely way more than last round 🙂 We’re currently still in last place, but there’s still time to win! LET’S DO THIS!

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Prompt count: 3

Photo Count: 2

Total Points: 10

Princess and the Bear


“Emily! Come help me!” Peter called to his younger cousin. Within a minute, Emily was there.

“Do what?”

Emily. 10. The hot pink of her outfit stood out from her pale skin.

Peter. 14. His brown hair lopped over his forehead and his shirt matched the deep blue in his eyes.

Although they didn’t even share the same last name, they looked completely alike.. They could probably pass for twins if they had claimed to be so.

“I need you to wear this.” Peter threw a dress towards Emily. She caught it and held it up to inspect it.

“Why?” she inquired. “You know I don’t like dresses.”

“It’s a disguise, okay? It’s a new game. Wear it, and you get ten points. Do it without complaining, you get another ten.” Peter was rather good at convincing, even though it wasn’t entirely honest.

Without another word, Emily threw the dress over her head and pulled it down. “Okay, now what?”

“Now we go out. Into the forest. Come on,” Peter replied, picking up his sword and heading towards the door. He opened it, and came face to face with a short, stout man in a business suit.

“What are you doing here?” The short man snapped. “This is no place for children to be.”

“This is my house.” Peter frowned.

“Not anymore.” The short man waved his hand. “Get out.”

Peter grabbed Emily’s hand and ran out.

They ran; past the shops, onto the meadows, until they reached the multi branched trees, marking the border of the forest.


“Where are we? What are we doing here?” Emily whined.

“You’re in the forest,” a soft voice not belonging to Peter replied.

Emily turned around and screamed. “A BEAR!”

“Oh no, don’t fear me.” The bear stood up on two hind legs like a human. Although he looked fierce, his voice was the exact opposite. He reached out for Emily’s hand… and licked it.

“EW!” Emily yelled and snatched her hand back, wiping the slobber off the back of her right hand. “What did you do that for?”

“Honey.” The bear licked his lips, then made a face. “Yuck, from the stores.”

“Honey comes from stores,” Emily retorted, sitting down on a log with bright green ferns growing out of it.


“Oh no, I can show you real honey not from stores. Follow me,” the bear said, and stood up. Emily got up to follow.

“Em! What are you doing?” Peter reached out and grabbed his cousin’s hand, trying to ignore the saliva from her hand running down his palm.

“Seeing real honey,” Emily said, pulling her hand away. “Come on.”

Peter shook his head. “It’s a trap. I can feel it.”

Emily rolled her eyes and sighed dramatically. “Puh-lease, Peter. You and your traps. He’s a friend.”

“He’s a talking bear.” Peter put emphasis on talking.

“Yeah!” Emily exclaimed. “How many bears have you come across that can speak?” She ran off.

“I didn’t even meet one that couldn’t talk,” Peter muttered to himself, and ran off after her.

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That was fun to write! XD I hope those two photos I added in would be useful, although it wasn’t much.

By the way, I created a page just for AAWC.


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