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Hello there!

I’m pretty sure that everyone has favourite authors (unless you don’t read- which I’m sure everyone does)

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Kate DiCamillo

She mainly writes stories with animals in them, which is pretty cute 🙂 Here are some of her books I’ve read:

Image result for flora and ulysses

Image result for because of winn dixie

Image result for the tale of despereaux

Yeap, only 3, but I’m planning to find more and read ’em if I can.

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Roald Dahl

He’s already dead, which means his books are classics. I don’t normally read classic books, but I’ve re-read each of his children’s books at least once. Here are some of his books:

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Their covers are all so lovely 😀

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So that’s about it for now. I only have 2 favourite authors, because… I just do. No explanation needed.

By the way… I CAN NOW FOLLOW BLOGS! I’m so happy. I can now follow blogs I was previously not following which is so awesome.

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Yes, pillow, yes.

Okay, sayonara for now!

Do you like the authors I like? Can you tell I like kids’ books?

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15 thoughts on “My Favourite Authors

  1. aww tale of despereaux is so cute! i love that movie too, and now that i think about it i haven’t seen it in a really long time! i should watch it again sometime soon.



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  2. OHMYGOSH KATE DICAMILLO I LOVE HER. haha kid’s books are the best tho. they’re much more imaginative than YA.

    And yyeesss I get having two favorite authors! Mine are Gail Carson Levine (Ella Enchanted) and Joan Bauer (Hope Was Here). *whispers* they’re both kid’s books authors 🙂

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  3. YES OKAY! (try not to ive spoliers though) Hope Was Here was such a nice Book. I felt so sorry for her original name, though. And about her mum


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