Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #2

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Prompt count: 3

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An Afternoon in the Attic

One sports player, one fashionista.

Both are twins.

Yet they were so different. Most people expected twins to be the same. But no, Audrey and Beatrice Meadows were completely different.

Audrey was a sports player, always doing something related to sports.

Meanwhile, Beatrice was in love with fashion and anything to do with it. She spent a lot of time in front of the mirror, and her sister always had a nose in a book.

One afternoon, their mother, tired of them not spending quality time with each other, ordered them to clean out the attic.

“This is so tiring,” Beatrice complained as she trudged up the stairs.

“We haven’t even begun.” Audrey rolled her eyes.

“I know. So tiring,” Beatrice sighed. She slammed the trapdoor close, enclosing them both in darkness. “Where’s the light? Ugh, I wish mum let me bring my phone up.” She began to grope around in the dark.

“Ouch, get off my foot, Betty!” Audrey shoved her sister. “The nearest star is 4.37 light years away from Earth. Which is why most wishes take at least 9 years to come true.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just stop moving around. I’ll try to find the switch,” Audrey commanded.

After ten minutes of useless groping around, their mother came up.

“Girls, what are you doing?” she demanded. “And why is it so dark?”

“We were trying to find the switch,” Beatrice explained, settling down on a box.

“No lights. Use candles.” Their mother left.

“What?” Beatrice exclaimed. “Candles? Try finding scented ones please. I can’t stand the smell of normal ones.”

Audrey rolled her eyes and pulled out normal candles. She struck a match and lit one. “There we go.”

“Ah goody!” Beatrice stood up. “Are we done now?”

“We haven’t even started yet!” Audrey cried, exasperated.

“I’m sorry! I have HWI!” Beatrice yelled.

“What’s that?”

“It stands for High Work Intolerance.”

“I don’t think that’s real,” Audrey said. Her sister was more immature than she thought.

In frustration, Beatrice kicked the box she had been sitting on. Her sister was such a pain in the neck. A stack of photos fell out.

She bent down and flipped through it. “How is this possible?” She held the album up for Audrey to see.

A photo of a man sitting on a back of a chicken running through the meadows was yellow but still visible.

“Edited. Photo shopped. Other stuff,” Audrey replied. She decided not to mention what the “other stuff” was, in case Beatrice didn’t get it.

“Cool. I think I’ll keep it. It will come in handy if I ever need to do a show and tell again.” Beatrice pocketed it. She continued flipping through the album. “Hey, everything in here is either photo stored or added.”

“Yeah that’s nice,” Audrey muttered. She had just found a safe hidden under a pile of baby clothes. Instantly, she tried to crack it open.

For five minutes, only the sound of pages flipping and Audrey muttering to herself was heard.

Oh my, this would look so cute on you!” Beatrice exclaimed, and began to describe the outfit she found a woman wearing in the album. “It’s a pair of short overalls, a white crop top, a beanie, and sneakers. It suits you!” She pulled out the photo and tucked it into her jeans.

Be quiet! I’m trying to crack this safe.” Audrey put in another combination, according to the clues which she found taped underneath the safe. It popped open.

“I’m sorry for complimenting you!” Beatrice rolled her eyes.

“Oh look I found a necklace,” Audrey said, pulling out a chain with a little flower attached to it. “You can have it.” She tossed it to Beatrice then turned back. Finding nothing else, she slammed the safe door close.

“And I found this picture of a quote which says, Never Give Up. Meh.” Beatrice flipped on.

“Wait!” Audrey grabbed the album and flipped to the page where the quote was. “I love the calligraphy on this!” She pulled it out.

“Did anyone teach you that it was rude to snatch?” Beatrice snapped, and took the album back.

“Girls? Are you done?” Their mother came up, and opened the trapdoor. Her mouth dropped open. “I remember telling you two to clean the attic up but what did you do?”

“Oops…” The twins looked guiltily around.

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That didn’t really have a plot, but I’m pretty happy with it 🙂

Did you enjoy that? Do you like Mondays?

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