Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #1

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I’ll be participating in Zielle’s AAWC. I’m quite hyped for it! Let’s start! But first! Here’s my team:

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Let’s win this, guys! I know we can! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Prompt count: 3

Total points:ย 5


“Get in!” a police officer wearing jeans and a black t-shirt shoved a burly thug into a prison cell.

The criminal snarled, and two other officers pointed their guns at him. Without a word, he walked in and sat down. The first police officer entered the cell and unlocked his cuffs, then dashed back out and slammed the door shut.

The thug grunted. “Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”

The police officer frowned. “It’s a prison cell.”

I was being sarcastic,” the criminal retorted, and rolled his eyes.

“Great job boys.” One of the police officers lowered his gun. “Let’s grab some chow. I’m famished.”

They walked out.

The thug sat down on a bench, closed his eyes and sighed. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t do anything wrong. All he did was stand there and watch the fight happen. Yet he was blamed for being the cause of the fight whichย resulted in deaths.

“Hello.” The thug’s eyes flew open at the voice of a deep voice from the shadows.

“Who are you?” the thug peered into the dark area of the jail cell. A tall, middle aged man walked out, arms folded across his chest. His prison uniform was pretty clean. Probably just washed.

“The name’s Jack. Who are you?”

“I’m Henry. What are you in here for?” the thug scratched his chin.

Jack pushed his glasses further up his nose. “I was accused of stealing someone’s ideas in the science lab. Not that I did it.”

“That would explain it,” Henry smirked.

“Explain what?”

“The nerdy look.”

Jack shrugged and sat down on the lower bunk bed. “You can take the top bunk.”

“Aren’t you going to hit me for calling you a nerd?” Henry asked, incredulously.

“Why would I?” I’m used to it.” Jack lay down.

Since he had nothing to say, Henry climbed to the top bunk, causing the whole bunk to sway.

“Is that going to happen often?” Jack called from the bottom.

“Dunno. How long you been in here for?” Henry leaned against the dirty wall.

“A few days. And I hate it already. You can’t even keep track of the time here. What day is it today?”

“I don’t know myself,” Henry replied. “I’ve been on the run for a while.”

For a few minutes, silence hung in the air.

“Hey you wanna break out?” Henry asked, breaking the quietness.

“Sure. How?” It was asked in a simple way, as simple as asking where the bathroom was.

“We could always climb out of the window.” Henry pulled out a tiny hidden knife from somewhere between the soles of his boots, and leaned over to the window. He began to saw at the window bars.

“Wake me up if you want me to take over,” Jack said, and turned over to sleep.

“I don’t need a nerd’s help,” Henry whispered under his breath.

For three hours, Henry sawed and sawed and sawed. Finally, he managed to saw through one bar. “That should do it,” he said, sweat pouring down his face.

He leaned back and shook the bunk, waking Jack up. “Oi!” he whispered.

Groggily, Jack sat up. “Done already?”

“Do you want to escape or not?” Henry demanded.

Jack climbed out of his bed. He stood there, looking up at the window. “I’ll need a boost,” he said awkwardly, turning to Henry.

Henry sighed and knelt down, while Jack clambered onto his back. Since Jack was skinny, he managed to climb out easily. On the other hand, Henry needed a bit of pulling to get through the hole.

Finally, Henry burst out. Both of them fell into the white snow down below on the meadows.

“Thank goodness for this pile of snow,” Jack panted and stood up. “We made it!”

“Hold on,” Henry looked at all the trees around them. They were decorated with twinkle lights and Christmas decorations. “Jack.”

“Hm?” Jack turned to look at Henry. “What’s up?

“What’s up? What’s up? It’s Christmas, mate!! Christmas day! The 25th of December!” Henry exclaimed. With an awkward chuckle, he pointed to the mistletoe above their heads.

A look of wonder came onto Jack’s face. “Wow. I must have been stuck in the prison cell longer than I thought. When I went in, it hadn’t even started snowing yet.”

“That’s what prison does to you,” Henry said.

“I don’t get one thing, though,” Jack said. “Why is there a car stuck between those two trees?”

Henry shrugged. “Beats me. All I want to do is get to a restaurant and have a lovely Christmas dinner. Care to join me?”

Jack nodded. “Sure.”

The two innocent people walked off, singing carols, heading to a warm cafe for a Christmas treat.

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Thus concludes my first story for AAWC.

For those who are participating in this contest as well, all the best!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you doing AAWC? What other contests have you joined before?

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