Be the Best- Do You Trust Him?

Hello there! This computer which I'm using has been laggy ever since yesterday, so I'll have to put off reading your posts if I want to post. I'll be able to read some of your posts, though. Thankfully, my brother thought of something: he connected some cable thingy from the WiFi and now it's not… Continue reading Be the Best- Do You Trust Him?


Things I’ve Noticed About Blogging

Hello there! Today's post is rather interesting. I'll be sharing some things I've noticed on blogging so far. Enjoy! 1. Everyone is so Supportive Actually I've seen people offend other people, but other than that, everything's good. From what I've observed, all the comments I see are kind and encouraging. It's really good, coz I… Continue reading Things I’ve Noticed About Blogging


Hello there! Today I'll just be sharing some fun surveys created by me for you all to fill in. I just want to see your responses 🙂 Survey 1 Survey 2 Remember to have fun and choose wisely! XD 😀 😛  Oh and, let me know if you did the survey down in the comments!

Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #2

Hello there! Time for another AAWC submission! AAWC #1 Mukta Jenna Rose Yashvi Starling Ava Rachel We need to buck up, guys! We're currently in the last place, but there's still time to pull us ahead! Prompt count: 3 Total points: 6 An Afternoon in the Attic One sports player, one fashionista. Both are twins. Yet… Continue reading Ardent Author’s Writing Challenge #2