2017 Accomplishments

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Hello there!

As you SHOULD already know, 2017 is nearing the end. So I’ve decided to put all my accomplishments into one post. Tomorrow, we’ll see some other… stuff. Let’s start!

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Became Vice President of Junior Public Speaking Club.

I totally forgot all about the mid year votings (no such word) for the next vice president 😛 So I was unprepared for the little “speech” why the 13 year olds and above should be able to be vice president. At first I wasn’t very keen when I was voted for, but later on it became more fun. Next year, I will become the President and then the year after next, Ex President and then poof! My season is over.

You’re looking at the Vice President (haha no that’s not me)

Started Starling

Woohoo! This was a really fun one!! You can check out my 6 month blog anniversary here.

Won Best Ranger

Okay, I haven’t talked much about this Christian Scouts thingy that I attend called Royal Rangers. Anyway, every year some Rangers go for a Best Ranger testing, and I was one of them. I won!!! My brother did too 😀

My Birthday

This happens every year (naturally) but I just couldn’t help mentioning it because this year’s party was the MOST memorable of all. I celebrated with my brother and homeschooling friends. Thanks for making the party so wonderful, guys!

Of course, I celebrated with you bloggers… Sort of.

Got a Gmail!

Yes that’s right, I have Gmail now!! I had to wait until one day after my birthday to get it, but it was sooooo worth it! Sorry, can’t share it with you coz of privacy reasons 🙂

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Started Writing My Journal Again

I actually started but then stopped for quite a long while because I didn’t have the motivation to write. Now, I have LOADS of things to write about.

Got Baptised

I spoke briefly about it in my previous post, so go check it out!

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That’s about all I can think of now, so yeah! There you have it! Few of my accomplishments in 2017.

See you with another post tomorrow!

What were some of your accomplishments in 2017?

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