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Today is the last week day, so that means holiday for the next 3 days! Woohoo!! Well, it may already be the holidays for some of you guys, but for me school is still on. FOREVER… No, I’m just kidding hahaha…

You know what?! Christmas is coming!!!

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Hehe you’re welcome…

Anyway, today I’ll be sharing an interview I did with Ivy and Em over at two girls, two mountains.

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A little about 2G2M:

Just a couple of best friends who love books, writing, photography, life, adventure, and, of course, all things creative.

Isn’t it sooooo cool that two best friends started an awesome blog together?!? 😀

Let’s learn a little more about them…

(I’m in italics and my questions are the big words, they’re in normal text)

When did you guys meet?

Em: Well…it was a long time ago (like 4th grade I think?) but we didn’t really become good friends until like 7th grade.

How did you meet?

Em: Ivy moved to where I went to school and I recognised her but I don’t think I’d ever talked to her before. Then our siblings were on the same sports team, so we hung out, and then we became really good friends in middle school because we had so many classed together one year.
Ivy: Our siblings were playing a sport together and we always got dragged along to the practices and the games. We spent so many summer afternoons there, and so, naturally, we became friends over mad libs and hide and seek.

Why did you decide to start a blog together?

Em: We decided to start a blog because it sounded fun? It was the end of summer and we decided to just take the plunge.
Ivy: We decided to start a blog together at the end of one summer. We had gotten really close that summer, constantly at one person’s house or the other. We had talked about making a blog for a while, but the weekend before school started, during a backyard camp out, we decided we were really going to do it. I’ll be honest. it was pretty bad at first. But hey, improvement 😂

What inspired your blog name?

Em: We came up with a bunch of blog names…this one we decided on because we both like the outdoors and we live near mountains 🙂
Ivy: To be totally honest, I came up with it in like 30 seconds…we live on mountains but mostly it just sounded cool 😂

Wow you live near mountains?! That’s so cool! 

Do you guys live in the same town?

Em: Yes! We live kind of far away from each other though.
Ivy: Pretty much. Em is about 20 minutes away, so not so bad, but it’s not like we’re a walking distance away or anything. I wish, ugh.
It’s ok, my best friend and I don’t even live in the same town 😦

Do you go to the same school?

Em: Yes, but we don’t have any classes together 😦
Ivy: Yeah, we go to the same school. We have no classes together, but who knew passing periods could be so precious haha.

What is something you two have in common?

Em: We’re both runners (more Ivy though) and we’re both creative and like doing random DIY projects I guess 😂
Ivy: Well. We have a lot not-in-common but we also have a lot in common. We have a pretty similar sense of humour-we are very talented at making each other laugh. Em is like one of the four people ever to make me laugh so hard I cry. High praise 😂 Also, we kind of have our own dialect going on involving heavy usage of phrases like “ooh yes” and “but of course” and “I feel rejected.”I’m pretty sure it drives our friends crazy but oh well. We are very entertaining 😂 *to one another*
Hahaha don’t worry, my friends and I have weird phrases that won’t make sense to you like Hidu, exposed, rejected, and cookies XD
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That’s a wrap! Thank you so much for participating in this interview, guys! 🙂
Remember to check out their blog!
Any weird phrases that you and your friends use constantly?
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23 thoughts on “Interview with 2G2M

  1. Great interview! Me and my BFF use the phrase “well I’ll be cold” a lot!! None of my other friends understand that and we both find it SO funny!

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  2. Wow!!! So cool! My BFF and I live in different towns and go to different schools 😩
    Ahahaha we have some things we say all the time. We hiss at each other and call each other “child” or “person” just to name a few 😂😂😂😂

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