November Happenings

Hello there!

How are you all doing? December is here! Bye bye November, you shall be dearly missed. November was SUCH a lovely month!

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Normally I don’t do monthly recaps, but this isn’t really a recap. I only did it for November coz November is such a special month to meeeee!

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Special Events:

My birthday

Speech contest


Went to play Escape Room

Slumber party at my friends’ house!!

I’ll be talking about each of these events to make this post longer and more interesting!

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I failed. That’s the truth. I didn’t complete my novel. My self esteem dropped a bit, but at least I have the entire month of December to finish. I got to 80%, so 20% more to go! Gannbatte!

Congratulations to all the bloggers who completed a whooping 50k this November!

I missed the last two days of NaNo coz of the slumber, which I will talk about later πŸ™‚

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Escape Room

My English class went to play Escape Room as some party thingy. I got to go in for free since my birthday was exactly 7 days earlier than the day we went. That saved my mum like, 40 bucks, maybe?

Thank God!

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Slumber Party

Unfortunately I have no pics to share 😦 So anyway, here are some of the things we did:

Karaoke (some of my friends love singing)

Bar night (drinking ginger ale, white grape drink, and sparkling juice)

Live fish cookout (I cooked the delicious fish along with some others!!)


Flour power

Flour power is a game where you stand in a circle and someone plays music. Then, you pass a cup of water around until the music stops. Whoever the music stops at, that person picks up a slip of paper which says something like “Person with glasses.” Then you pick up a handful of flour and throw it at someone with glasses.

At the end, everyone will get flour, which is the whole point! XD

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That’s about it, and I wanna make some announcements related to blogging!!

Enni is hosting a poetry contest which I’m joining!

You can make your blog snow!!! Just go to Settings, then go to General, and on that page, you will find a button which says, “Show snow falling on my blog until January 4th.” Remember to save settings! πŸ˜€

Something new is coming to this blog in 2018! (but not so early)

See ya with a post on Mondayyyyy!

How was your November?

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33 thoughts on “November Happenings

  1. Awesome post, Starling! I didn’t complete my NaNoNovel, either; I got to about halfway. I’ll pick back up with writing it at some point! That slumber party sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’ve never played ‘flour power,’ but it sounds interesting, haha! ❀ Hope you have a beautiful December!

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