Featured Images + Potatoes

Hello there! This post is focusing on 2 things I've been wanting to talk about šŸ˜€ Featured Images Featured images are used by almost everyone in the Blogging community, whether you use WordPress, Blogger, Wix, or whatever. Except for me, that is. The only times I use featured images are when I have a series… Continue reading Featured Images + Potatoes

Cameras and Pens Challenge #5

Hello there! Rose is in 3rd place now, so we needa catch up!! (I know I ain't helping much) Prompt count: 3 Total points: 8 (this time, I managed to insert 2 of my own photos!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 "So Karin." Raven flipped open her notebook and took out a… Continue reading Cameras and Pens Challenge #5