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Today’s post is about my NaNo novel (a little bit) and something about friendship. Read on to find out why πŸ˜‰

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My novel is about all my friends. Yeah, I said in one of my posts (sorry, I’m kinda lazy to go find it) that I was writing a story about my friends, and I decided to use that idea for my NaNo novel! πŸ˜€

Here’s a snippet from my novel:

Thoughtfully, Starling tapped her chin. “I suppose it must be something called true friendship.” Then the sound of Hazel’s footsteps thudding on the ground followed by splatters of her vomit pulled her away from the conversation.

(Yes, that Starling is me! XD)

I chose that particular paragraph and bolded whatever Starling said, because I wanted to talk about it.

I’m sure everyone has friends. If you don’t, that’s fine. You can go out and make some!

Anyway, one kind of friends are true friends who are people you can trust with your lives. They will keep your secrets, and are always there for you.

The other kind of friends are not your true friends. They are probably just befriending you out of pity, or because they want something from you. These kind of people will not be there in your darkest times, or will spill every single secret or worry you tell them.

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But in this post, I want to focus more on true friends. I thinkΒ  my circle of friends are currently true friends, although they are playful most of the time. Maybe they’re just immature πŸ˜› Don’t kill me guys, you know who you are!

In my little snippet, I showed something about true friends. Ok, you probably don’t understand it, so I’ll explain the situation here. (I’ll try not too give too many spoilers)

In one of my scenes, a few of the characters argue about something. They don’t talk to each other for a day, and it makes the others who aren’t involved in the arguments, torn. Because they want everything to go back to normal, the ones not involved try to get both sides to make up. However, even without the ‘neutral’ party’s help, they made up!

I put it in my story so that if my friends read it, they will understand how close our relationships are. Because it’s them who are arguing XD

So back to true friends.Β When they fight, they can make up. If they’re not true friends, the fight can be left hanging forever, since you probably don’t want to meet that person ever again.

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The quote above ^^^ just said everything I wanted to talk about next πŸ˜€

So to wrap this up here are another few quotes about true friendship:

Image result for true friendship

Image result for friendship quotes

Image result for true friendship

Image result for true friendship

Image result for dear friends thank you for being such great friends
To all my wonderful friends- you guys are the BEST!

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This post is one of the most important ones to me, and it has even given me a post idea for next week πŸ™‚

How close are you to your friends?

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30 thoughts on “True Friendship + Snippets

  1. There sure is a difference between “friends” and TRUE friends. One of my true friends gave me a plaque, with a card that reads, “you are a TRUE friend” The plaque reads, “A friend forgives your faults, a TRUE friend doesn’t see any of your faults” :):) People will come and go, these are the lessons, true friends come and stay, those are the blessings :):)

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  2. That’s cool! Great post! πŸ™‚ I have some friends that I know are true, and some that you feel like you are their friend, but they’re not really yours… you know? Like they depend on you, and tell you things, but you can’t really trust them with things…

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