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Hello there!

Being Different #1

Being Different #2

Today is the last day of my mini three day series, Being Different. In this post, I will be sharing some quotes, giving some advice, and explaining why I put a salmon in my featured image 😉

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Our world now is distorted. We’re all doing things that we’re not supposed to do. People are doing things that were seen as weird and shameful in the past, but now it’s normal. Don’t you think our society is changing? It is! 

That is precisely why we need to be different. Especially us Christians, who are called to be the salt and light to the world. 

Here’s what I always think to myself to be different: Others can drink alcohol, but you can’t. Others can swear, but you can’t. Others can smoke, but you can’t. Others can bully, but you can’t. Others can do all sorts of other bad things, but you can’t.

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Why? Because doing all these things aren’t pleasing to God, and we want to do what is holy and righteous. Well, I do.

It is difficult, but it’s possible, with Jesus’ help. You can always pray, if you’re ever in doubt, under peer pressure, etc. Anytime, anywhere, any situation, you can always pray because God will always be listening. You can also talk with a trusted adult if you need to.

It is also an important thing to read the Bible so that when you are tempted, your foundations in your faith will be strong and can help you overcome temptation.

If you’re being different by doing the right thing, that’s totally fine. People may try to come and tempt you. This is also why we need to be careful with our friends. 

People whom we think are our friends can be harmful to us. We can trust them so much that whatever they ask us to do, we just do it, thinking that it should be alright since they’re our friends. Of course, there are still good friends, friends you can trust with your life. Those kind of friends are precious. Keep them.

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If people ask you why you’re so “weird,” tell them it’s because you have the Holy Spirit in your heart. Then you can take that opportunity to share the Gospel with them! 😀

The reason I put a salmon in my featured image is because in a Birds and Bees camp I attended, it taught us that salmons are always going against the currents. They’re the ones that are different. On the other hand, jellyfishes are always going with the flow. They do things that others do. They’re not themselves.

So if you want to be different, you need to be a salmon.

Remember to Stay Strong, Read the Bible, and Be Different!

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I hope that you have gained something from this mini 3 day series 🙂

To wrap this whole thing up, here are some quotes for you to remember:

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See you with a post next week! 😀

Do you want to be a salmon or jellyfish?

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P.S Yes, looks like I finally got a new (temporary) sign off!

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26 thoughts on “Being Different #3- Everywhere

  1. Yay! Me too! (*cough* you haven’t commented on any of MY stuff *cough* you have catching up to do…..but then again, I don’t post much, so nvm)

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  2. Wow! Great post! I love all your quotes! The last one actually gave me an idea for a post that is based off of something that happened to my sister and I one time. I loved the first one though! I want a t-shirt that says, “yes, girls like me still exist, isn’t that awesome!”

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