Weird Wednesday #6

Weird Wednesday

Hello there!


Weird Wednesday #1 (I recommend you read this)

Weird Wednesday #2

Weird Wednesday #3

Weird Wednesday #4

Weird Wednesday #5

Thank you all so much for 5 Weird Comments on the previous WW! It was probably a little tough, so thanks for commenting guys!

I listed all your names in the Random Name Picker and the Weirdest Commenter for Weird Wednesday #5 is…














































Image result for congratulations gif

Congrats, Ariana! Here was her Weird Comment:

There’s A Wocket In My Pocket! (Just scene….)

Weird Wednesday #5's Weirdest Commenter

Here’s your little winning image to put in your sidebar or wherever!^^^

To check out more Weird Comments, see Weird Wednesday #5

Today’s topic: Which of the Below is the Weirdest?

(a) Pizza with avocados and tomato sauce

(b) Spaghetti with coke as sauce and spinach

(c) Any kind of cake with BBQ sauce and mushrooms

I think that the Weirdest one would be (c)

You can just copy and paste your answer from above into the comments down below 😛

Get commenting with your choice!

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