Weird Wednesday #5

Weird Wednesday

Hello there!

Welcome back to ANOTHER Weird Wednesday! This is the second last WW for this whole series so participate participate participate!!! (try saying that really fast)

Weird Wednesday #1 (I recommend you read this)

Weird Wednesday #2

Weird Wednesday #3

Weird Wednesday #4

Thank you all so much for 9 Weird Comments on the previous WW! (I know the previous Topic was a little hard so thank you all for commenting!) 🙂 🙂 🙂

I listed all your names in the Random Name Picker and the Weirdest Commenter for Weird Wednesday #4 is…



































































Image result for congratulations gif

Congrats, Ava! Here was her Weird Comment:

The weirdest writing prompt I ever used was so confusing, it just said write something. So I wrote a story about a girl who wrote a book!

Weird Wednesday #4's Weirdest Commenter

Here’s your little winning image to put in your sidebar!^^^

To check out more Weird Comments, see Weird Wednesday #4

Today’s topic: Weirdest book title you have ever seen (or read)

One of the weirdest book title I have ever seen is… The Great Automatic Grammatizator by Roald Dahl. I tried to read it but apparently it wasn’t for kids XD

Get commenting with the Weirdest Book Title you have ever seen!

Starling Sign Off

P.S NaNoWriMo starts todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Ok, gonna write my story now goodbye!
Oh and, this is my 50th post on Starling!

50 Posts


24 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday #5

  1. Sorry I didn’t comment on the last one. I couldn’t think of any weird prompts I’d seen.
    The weirdest book title I have ever seen is probably ‘Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES’.

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