Starling’s Dislikes + Birthday Presents

Hello there!!

Today’s post is filled with all my dislikes so get ready for some disgust! (hahaha no, I’m just kidding)

There’s another post of all my likes! Check it out!

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Starling’s Dislikes

Bitter gourd



People poking me

Arrogant people

Boastful people

Snobbish people

Show offs

Not enough sleep (I fell asleep in Church once…)

Image result for not enough sleep quotes
Shows how desperate we are for sleep! 

Not enough books to read!!!

Deadlines that are super close like, two days away O.o

Mess (I’m rather organised)

Too much sarcasm and meanness

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Ok, so my birthday is in a few days’ time, but since my younger brother’s and my birthdays are only 1 week apart, we celebrated them together this year. We have the same friends (some are siblings) so it was easy in terms of transport. However, my best friend couldn’t make it coz she had some piano rehearsal thing :/

We played loads of futsal (it’s really really really fun) oh and, I managed to score like, three times altogether.

We stayed up until 3 am! @_@ SO SLEEPY! Altogether that weekend (Thursday night to Saturday night) I only received about… 18 hours! That’s so little! 😦

So for my birthday party this round, I received some legit awesome presents! I got:

  • 2 Notebooks
  • 1 Planner
  • A pack of colour pens
  • Torchlight
  • Compass
  • 2 Books (one of them was the latest Land of Stories and I finished it within 2 days!!)
  • Handmade bookmarks
  • 5 cards (one of them contained a song about me)
  • Bag

     Image result for stabilo pens

Image result for land of stories book 6

Image result for notebooks write your own story
Exactly like one of the notebooks I have!

Thanks friends!! (whether you read this or not) These gifts were really thoughtful 😀

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What is one of the things you got for your birthday this year? Relate to my dislikes?

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38 thoughts on “Starling’s Dislikes + Birthday Presents

  1. I think I have those pens!!! and WHAT you don’t like prawn. how. dare. you–
    lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY I’ll probably forget when Nov rolls around but. whatever lol. xo

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  2. I definitely relate to your dislikes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY STARLING!!!! *Sends you really cute stuff through the screen*
    ~Kaylyn XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well,,,,, I think they got it in Popular. I was going to buy it for myself but when I told my friend I was going to buy it, she said that SHE would buy it for my birthday…


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