Cameras and Pens Challenge #4


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Yay! Rose is still in 2nd place! We can do this guys!


Kaylyn (Kaylyn’s World)
Starling (starling7)
Allison (A Farm Girl’s Life)
Brooke Jade (itsbrookejade)
*Charis (flickers of a little heart)
Rose (asunonacloudyday)
Danielle (Near but Far)
Buttercup (Typically Untypical Teen)

Prompt count: 3

Points this round: 4 (very little, I know. Sorry!)

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

After dinner, Raven was sitting on her bed in her room, quickly sketching out an image of a lady floating on clouds in her room which she saw online before her aunt came in. A knock at the door made her fling her sketchbook onto her desk and her pencil drop to the floor.

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“Come in!” she called, as she snatched up her book.

The door creaked open, and Robin walked in. Raven breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, it’s just you.”

“Who were you expecting?” Robin retorted. “Superman?”

Raven shrugged and continued sketching.

“Anyway,” Robin continued, sitting down in Raven’s mini revolving chair. “What do you think about the letter?”

Raven pursed her lips. “I guess it’s just a mistake. Another one.”

“Nuh-uh. I don’t think so.” Robin tapped his finger on the desk. “By the way, I have been doing some research and… well, I found out who the kid whom the men drowned was.”

Forgetting all about her sketching, Raven looked up. “Who?”

Suddenly, Robin looked sheepish as he spun the chair around. “Er.. the boy who wrote the letter to Uncle Charlie.”

There was a slight pause. “Sorry?” Raven asked. “How can you prove this?”

“Ah…” Robin scratched his chin. “I snooped around in Uncle Charlie’s office and-”

“What?!” Raven gasped. “How could you?”

“Sorry! That was the only way I could find out what was happening!” Robin argued. “And I found the ‘accidental’ letter and another letter. Here you go.” He tossed the letters to his twin.

Raven picked the first one up. It read:

Here are some more clues as to what’s going to happen. I can’t reveal anymore, in case this gets intercepted. 

– Jayne. 15. She was wearing a hot pink and cyan jumpsuit. (pretty obvious and silly, if you ask me)

– Miles. 16. He was in a complete black suit. (he’s abusing me)

Please save me asap. I am dying here. Send my love to Aunt Beatrice.

~ Shawn

P.S Hope you can figure it out.

“Shawn?” Raven asked. “Who’s that? Why is he asking our uncle for help?”

Robin pointed to the other letter and she opened it.

Dear 18-year-old self, I wonder if James has died yet. (I love that code line) If you’ve received this, it’s probably too late. I gave myself up. You are no longer in danger. You are safe. When I see you again, we shall all be together. 

I know you did not wish for things to happen this way. But now, you are all safe and that’s all that matters. Always know that I am with you. Send my love to Aunt Beatrice. Mission accomplished.

~ Shawn

Raven put down the letter and snapped her fingers. “Oh I got it!!! Shawn is the boy whom the men drowned! He wrote these letters to Uncle Charlie! They’re all somehow connected. But… how?”

“Let’s go see the guy who murdered Shawn.”


At the CFH Jail, Raven and Robin went straight to Cell #7.

“Hello?” Robin tapped lightly on the prison bars.

The bald mane who had drowned Shawn stepped out of the shadows. He frowned when he saw them. “What do you want?”

“What’s your name?” Raven asked.

“Hi. I’m Karin…” Karin shook his head. “That’s a nasty habit.”

“As a crime committer, what is your deepest regret?” Robin went straight to the point.

“My deepest regret? I… murdered someone.”

Raven and Robin looked at each other with a knowing look.

Karin was ready to share.


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I hope I didn’t make it too confusing for you to understand 😉 I just thought it was cool.

By the way, NaNoWriMo begins in 1 day! SO EXCITED!

Are you ready for NaNoWriMo?

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