Starling’s Likes + Awesome Bloggers

Hello there!

Sorry for not posting Weird Wednesday yesterday! It just slipped my mind! 😦

So, we can take a break from Weird Wednesday for 2 weeks while I try to think up some topics

Can you guess what today’s post is? (or did you just click this post for no reason- or a reason. I dunno) Anyway, moving on…

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Starling’s Likes

Starling’s likes is just things that Starling (me) likes! (not how many likes I’ve got)






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Encouraging others



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Harry Potter

Land of Stories




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Yes, this is my new divider! I got it from Google! (is that ok?) And I will be posting another post all about my dislikes so stay tuned for more!

Here are some awesome bloggers who hit a milestone in their followers:

Yashvi (60 followers)

likes Harry Potter

Carol (100 followers)

is a Malaysian like me

Zielle (100 followers)

is homeschooled

I listed something about each of them, something that I have in common with them! So now you know I am a Malaysian homeschooler who likes Harry Potter! (but you probably already knew that)

Go check out their blogs! (and celebrate 60 & 100 followers with them!) I just realised they all used the Nucleare theme. Cool!

Now I need to go mop the floor coz we have friends coming tomorrow!

Image result for mop floor gif
Look how well this gif loops! (WARNING: you might get so captivated you don’t want to stop watching this gif!)

Do you like chores? Relate to any of my likes?

Starling Sign Off

36 thoughts on “Starling’s Likes + Awesome Bloggers

  1. I relate to a lot of these! This is a great post! I just reached 72 followers!! I am really happy. Have a great day!

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  2. I didn’t know you liked Skittles…. that’s good stuff ❀
    my brother is worried about my love for them (I keep telling him I’m not addicted but now I’m having to tell myself…)

    Liked by 1 person

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