How To Annoy Your Friends

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Today’s post is reaaaaaaaaaaally interesting!

It’s a step by step guide on How To Annoy Your Friends!

**DISCLAIMER** I designed this “guide” myself!

1. Choose a victim

Choose someone that won’t get mad if you annoy them, so that you won’t get into trouble. It’s even better if you have a friend who annoyed you first, so that you can get revenge. However, if there’s only one friend around and that person is sensitive, don’t annoy them or into the doghouse you will go. It isn’t worth the trouble.

2. Choose what annoying thing you want to do.

(Here are a few of my personal ideas taken from experience)

(a) Morning Call:  If that particular friend is still asleep and you are wide awake with nothing to do, cover them with blankets, and pillows. The movement and noise you are causing should already wake them up. Then after you’re done, one by one take all the pillows away and whack each one on your sleepy friend’s head. But if they are really heavy sleepers, you can jump on them and sing in a really high voice. When they still can’t wake up, they might be faking.

Image result for rapunzel sleeping

(b) Annoying Songs: start singing songs that annoy them, like PPAP. This always works, especially if you sing in a high and out of tune voice.

(c) The Prank: You can use the basic pie in the face prank, or you can replace it with shaving cream sprayed onto a piece of cardboard. Quietly sneak up on your friend while he or she is busy talking, and tap them on their shoulder with your free hand. The second they turn around, slam the cardboard of shaving cream in their faces. Then right after that, run away or they might wipe some off their face and smear your face with shaving cream as well. The best time to do this is when there is hardly any water around, or when the toilet is really far away. Just bear in mind that shaving cream burns if left on bare skin for too long, so keep a clean cloth handy.

Image result for pie in the face gif

3. Be Alert

Your friend might want revenge after you annoy them so watch out if they are super protective of their bags. Especially if they seem like the “innocent” type.


Now, I’ve been thinking about getting a divider for quite a while since the horizontal lines I use are not really visible (and they’re not really nice as well)

So, please lemme know your ideas for any kind of divider design in the comments below!!!

Do you have any ideas for pranks/ how to annoy your friends? Any divider design ideas?

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24 thoughts on “How To Annoy Your Friends

  1. I have a group of friends and we all always annoy that one person. She gets so fed up with us, it’s so funny. But somehow, she’s my best friend. For the divider thing, I need help with that too and congratulations on getting 1000+ likes!

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  2. You forgot to mention the first step. Actually have friends. Please im lonely and no one likes me. Maybe because i annoy them all. I had a group of friends but they dont like me anymore, i told them my mother killed my pigeon and they werent happy when they found out that i was lying. It was only so they would stay at my house longer to look for him. They are so mean. Anyone want to be my new friend? uwu rawr xD

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  3. Aw I’m sorry about that Maddi! Maybe lying to them wasn’t the best idea? Friends gotta be honest with each other too, yea? And i’m sure there are better ways to get them to hang around a little longer 😉 hope you can find more friends soon!


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