How I Plan For NaNoWriMo (aka how Starling’s awesomeness comes about)

How I Plan 4 NaNo

(that must be my longest title yet)

Hello there!

Yes, I know that many many many people have been posting about NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo YWP (National Novel Writing Month ——– Young Writers Program)

That’s because it’s all about writing and writing is so nice!!! 

So NaNo takes place in November (which is next month) and also, my birthday is in early November. So, double awesomeness on one particular day in November!! NaNo is also really important to me since it’s building up my journey towards being a writer.

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Let’s begin!

Before I Begin

1. Tools

(a) Notebook: for containing ideas/brainwaves/awesomeness

Image result for cat notebook from daiso
This is EXACTLY like the notebook I have! It’s so cute! (and it’s from Daiso)

(b) Pen: to write down all my ideas (how else am I supposed to write?!)

(c) Books and quotes: for inspiration and motivation (super important!)

2. Place

I normally write in my room (since my brother always makes loads of noise) unless downstairs is silent.

3. Time

Anytime is a good time! As long as I don’t have things that need to be done.

How I Write My Details/Plot

Now we can get planning!!

I wrote my theme/genre and setting on the first page (for easy reference) and below that, I wrote my main characters (and not so important ones)

After that, I use questions to form my story line. For example—

Aim of the Story: to steal the infinity gem

Why Do The Characters Need The Gem: ’cause the MCs are thieves and the infinity gem will make them ruler of the whole world (yeah, pretty lame. But this is just an example 😉 )

When Did This Happen: sometime in 7000 (the future)

Where Did This Happen: on Jupiter (the planet)

And so on and so on. Sometimes, I also use questions connected to other questions like the first two questions listed above.

I know they are questions, but I don’t need to put question marks because I can actually change it to “When This Happened” instead of “When Did This Happen.” But it works just fine for me 😀

Afterwards, I designed a rough plot (which is basically a very detailed synopsis)

Lastly, I list all the places in the story (since my story is an adventure, it doesn’t just happen in one place) and give a few main points about what happens there. It’s dead helpful so that whenever the characters reach there, I know what’s supposed to happen.

Note that I used supposed. That’s because things can change at the last second. For instance, in the Infinity Gem story, the characters are supposed to fly on a spaceship back to Earth. But at the last second, you decide that you want them to go to back to Earth via a meteor ’cause you think it’s way cooler that way.

Well, you can do that because no one but you will know what was supposed to actually happen but you changed it (unless you tell someone- or everyone)*

*I’m using loads of brackets today for some reason

That’s it! That ^^^ is how I plan for my novel this NaNoWriMo YWP!

What is your ambition? Are you doing NaNoWriMo YWP or the Classic one? 

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11 thoughts on “How I Plan For NaNoWriMo (aka how Starling’s awesomeness comes about)

  1. You should totally do it! However, some people might feel pressured/stressed to complete an ENTIRE novel within 30 days, so if you can’t handle it, don’t do it yet. You can try NaNoWriMo YWP though. There, you can set your own word count!


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