Weird Wednesday #4 {Delayed}

Weird Wednesday

Hello there!

I am SO sorry for not posting this yesterday. I actually typed the first two words (Hello there!) but then I had to leave 😦

But now the post is up!

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Weird Wednesday #1 (I recommend you read this)

Weird Wednesday #2

Weird Wednesday #3

Thank you all so much for 8 Weird Comments on the previous WW! (and the previous one was supposed to be #3, not #2. I just changed it in case you were a little confused)

I listed all your names in the Random Name Picker and the Weirdest Commenter for Weird Wednesday #3 is…








































































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Congratulations, Gracie! Here was her Weird Comment:

Dried Seaweed.

Short and simple 😉 ^^^

Weird Wednesday #3's Weirdest Commenter
Sorry, I know my graphics are a little plain 😦

Here’s your little winning image to put in your sidebar!^^^

To check out more Weird Words commented, see Weird Wednesday #3

Today’s topic: Weirdest writing prompt you’ve ever used.

Ok, this may be a little hard but think guys! (Even I don’t have one to share)

By the way, if you invented a prompt that someone comments down below, please don’t get mad. This is all just for fun!

Get commenting with the Weirdest Writing Prompt you’ve ever used!

Starling Sign Off

P.S I’m following 217 sites right now!!!! 😮 😮 😮 Previously it was 230! Reading all your blog posts really kills a lot of time, So if I unfollow you blog please note that I am reading 100 more sites’ posts (or less) and also need to get my blog posts up in time!


53 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday #4 {Delayed}

  1. Totally understand! Here’s the weirdest writing prompt I ever used:

    Food angel

    (Actually my sister came up with this when we were bored so all the credits goes to her 😂)

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  2. Hmm, weirdest thing I have ever used. NOTHING!! Hmm, a weird comment. How can I come up with one? Well, I should just write about what I’m thinking! Hotdogs, cotton candy, chalkboard, me, followers, headphones, camera, fabric!! Yay! I win the weirdest comment contest! WOOHOO!!!!!
    I meant ~cats
    no I meant ~Kaylyn
    phew that was a little hard to type. 🙂

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  3. Some of my socks have words on them, so once I used the word combination (I wear mix-match socks so the words are never the same) as a prompt…

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  4. Hahahah ok that was SO random! What I meant by Weird Comment is, when you comment something about the Weird Wednesday’s Topic.. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear 😦

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  5. It must have had broken glass and my future death coincide together… The only way I can think of that happening is falling through a window or glass ceiling. Just not pleasant . Nope. Glad I dont remember what I wrote.

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