Cameras and Pens Challenge #1

Hello there! I am participating in Carol’s CPC and I’m on Team Rose!



Even if you didn’t manage to sign up, you can follow Carol to keep up with the latest updates on CPC! (All my submissions will also be on this page btw)

So without further ado, I present to you… MY FIRST SUBMISSION FOR CPC!!!

I’m gonna make something like a story, with one chapter per challenge (if I can)

(I used all 3 prompts!)

Chapter 1


“Over here!” Raven called to her twin brother, Robin.

Robin dashed over to the cliff on which a bicycle leaned against the pole where his sister was standing.

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Raven narrowed her eyes and pointed down to the waters where the setting sun cast it’s final golden rays against the blue waters. “Jackpot.”

Robin’s hand subconsciously moved to his belt loop where a gun was hidden. “You sure?”

“Positive,” his sister whispered.

“Then let’s get ’em!” Robin silently stole away. Raven followed suit.

As the twins neared the water, darting behind trees on the deserted beach, they heard a voice saying, “Do you even know how to do this?!”

Robin peeked out from behind his coconut tree. Standing in the sea, a young man with red hair was anxiously looking around as he muttered these words. Another young man who was bald had squatted down in the water and was holding something down. Bubbles exploded from the surface.

The bald man shrugged. “I don’t know. I’ve never tried to kidnap and hold someone underwater before.”

Suddenly, Raven jumped out and pointed her gun at the men shouting, “Hands up!”

Robin copied her. “We have authorised permission to use these guns if needed, so don’t test our limits!”

The bald man was so shocked, he let go of whatever he was holding underwater and jumped up. The bubbles ceased.

“Run!” the red haired man shouted and they fled.

“After them!” Raven shrieked.

It was a crazy sight to behold; two fully grown men being chased by two teenagers.

At the end of the beach, the men turned left and ran up a steep hill. Once they arrived at the top, however, they found five police cars waiting for them. Footsteps thudded the ground.

Raven and Robin had arrived, pointing their guns at the men.

Knowing that the game was up, the bald man kicked the ground angrily as two policemen came forward with handcuffs.

The chief police headed towards the twins. “Well done!” he boomed. “We’ve been on these two’s tails for some time now. Real brilliant plan of yours, young man.” He winked at Robin who grinned. “So did you find out what they were up to this time?”

Raven gasped. “Oh no! The someone the man was drowning! Quick!” she turned and dashed down the hill.

When Robin and the chief police caught up with Raven, she was already kneeling down next to a little kid on the beach.

“Oh no…” Robin gasped.

The chief police bent down and placed his hand on the little boy’s heart. He shook his head and tears rolled down Raven’s cheeks.


At the CFH (Crime Fighters Headquarters), Robin and Raven sat on plastic chairs while waiting for the kid’s parents to arrive.

Raven was looking at her hands folded on her lap while Robin was frowning. Out of the blue, Robin gasped.

Raven looked up. “What?”

Robin shook is head. “No, it can’t be…”

“What is it?” Raven prompted.

Maybe it was just one minute. Or just one second. Or maybe one microsecond. But I thought I recognised the little boy from somewhere. It whipped past my memory WAY too fast. I mean, what would two wanted villains want with a little boy like him?” Robin stood up and paced. “They could’ve just stolen any boy but they chose this one.”

“I don’t know…” Raven shrugged, and resumed looking at her hands.

Robin turned and looked out the window, thinking.

And that’s it for my first CPC Submission!

Which team are you on if you’re participating in CPC? 

Starling Sign Off

P.S I won’t be submitting any extra photos, btw. Sorry!


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