Starling’s Dislikes + Birthday Presents

Hello there!! Today's post is filled with all my dislikes so get ready for some disgust! (hahaha no, I'm just kidding) There's another post of all my likes! Check it out! Starling's Dislikes Bitter gourd Shrimp/prawn Math People poking me Arrogant people Boastful people Snobbish people Show offs Not enough sleep (I fell asleep in… Continue reading Starling’s Dislikes + Birthday Presents


Cameras and Pens Challenge #4

Hello there! Yay! Rose is still in 2nd place! We can do this guys! Kaylyn (Kaylyn’s World) Starling (starling7) Allison (A Farm Girl’s Life) Tiaria Brooke Jade (itsbrookejade) *Charis (flickers of a little heart) Rose (asunonacloudyday) Danielle (Near but Far) Buttercup (Typically Untypical Teen) Prompt count: 3 Points this round: 4 (very little, I know. Sorry!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3… Continue reading Cameras and Pens Challenge #4

How I Plan For NaNoWriMo (aka how Starling’s awesomeness comes about)

(that must be my longest title yet) Hello there! Yes, I know that many many many people have been posting about NaNoWriMo or NaNoWriMo YWP (National Novel Writing Month -------- Young Writers Program) That's because it's all about writing and writing is so nice!!!  So NaNo takes place in November (which is next month) and… Continue reading How I Plan For NaNoWriMo (aka how Starling’s awesomeness comes about)