Introducing… Weird Wednesday!


It’s already the middle of the week! Time flies…

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If my alarm clock was like that, I would wake up easier

Anyway, today, I wanna introduce something new to my blog!!!

As you can tell from my title, I am introducing to you, Weird Wednesday.

Weird Wednesday

Weird Wednesday is a series I am doing for 7 weeks every Wednesday (starting from today) ONLY!

So basically, I will have a Weird Topic every Wednesday for the next 7 weeks. You guys have to comment on the Weird Topic. (don’t worry, the weird topic isn’t super duper extremely crazy weird- I just called it weird to go with Wednesday XD)

For instance, today’s topic is “Weirdest Dream You Have Ever Dreamt.” So you, my dear reader, have to comment down below the weirdest dream you ever had.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing whatever you have to say, don’t. This is all just for fun!

So get commenting!!!

How has your week been so far?

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P.S I just changed my theme to Canard, baked a red velvet cake yesterday, and my grandma is coming tomorrow!


40 thoughts on “Introducing… Weird Wednesday!

  1. This sounds great! Hehe, the weirdest dream I can remember Is the one I dreamt last night.
    I dreamt we were at my grandparents’ house, but my aunt and uncle owned it. For some reason, all of my friends from where I used to live were there. We decided to go for a hike in the woods, which we knew were crawling with monsters and bandits and weird things, but we went anyways. When we were done with our hike, and we were on our way back to the house, we got attacked by robbers/bandits. We tried to run, but we all got captured. We were taken back to the house, and then the bandits took over. Turns out, my aunt had this weird potion that could turn people into another form of the world (Duat, I guess? Idk XD). She was about to turn the robbers into this weird form of the world, but then I woke up.
    Yeah… that was weird. And probably not that well explained. Anyways. XD Hope you enjoyed reading that. XD

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  2. This such a good idea!

    My weirdest dream was when I was walking to the school changing rooms when I suddenly started flying. I was really excited and flew all the way there. When I got there I was flying around when loads of people rushed in and the changing rooms exploded. There were loads of people crowded around but I dodged them and went to my English classroom. My friend was in there and wearing a really weird hat made out of pink crystals (and she hates pink!). I tried to tell her about what happened in the changing rooms but she kept interrupting to talk about her “amazing” hat. Then we found one of our other friends and some random person, then got on a boat (I don’t even know where we got that boat from) and rowed down the river next to our school. But then we appeared on the River Thames. We were really panicked and wanted to get back, but my friend said she wanted to visit her Grandad, who turned out to be a celebrity wearing a shower cap. We looked at his bookshelf but all the books were invisible. Then we went to this random cafe called The Chameleon and the most annoying boy in our class was a waiter there. Then my dream ended.

    I know that’s so weird :P😂

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  3. Ooh, this sounds like an awesome idea! 😀 Hmm…let’s try to remember a weird dream I had…

    Well, in one of my dreams, my dad and I were on a car trip, and we stopped at the house of Light4TheLord (, one of my best blogging friends! XD And she said hi and led me inside. And apparently their family had an indoor tennis court, so we went in there. In my dream, two other friends from a competition I attend were Light4TheLord’s sisters…huh…and they were playing tennis. XD XD XD And apparently they also had a swimming pool of sorts? Idk. And we and some other people were having contests. Oh yeah, and she lived by the lakeside, with a dock, and I recognized a spot on the shore where she liked to take pictures…and then just the two of us sat on the dock and swam and whatnot. XDDDD My dreams are verrryy strange.

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  4. Great post! Hmmmm….. my weirdest dream I’ve dreamt…. here goes: I was driving on the highway over the ocean in a golf cart (where I live, everyone owns a golf cart) and suddenly, an elephant pops out of the water. Then, I fall into the ocean and drown. I woke up and realized I had fallen off my bed.

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  5. My weirdest dream is that my class won the Best Class Award and we got to go on a world tour for free, and we could bring a friend along. So the friend I brought along has a brother, and in my dream the brother was my my friend’s grandpa! Anyways, so we were going to land in Egypt and a boy randomly goes “puck puck” and lays an egg, and out of the egg comes out my friend’s brother/grandpa! Like LOL, what type of dreams do I have?!

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  6. The weirdest dream…hmm. probably one with sensitive green Giants. I’ve had it more than once. I go into my basement, and there are huge green Giants, and if you catch their attention they’ll take you, and this boy tried to punch them and so they picked him up. I said something to the Giants and they cried for some reason. Then I woke up. It was weird!

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  7. My weirdest dream was when I was five and LOVED wheel of fortune. But I dreamed that the host guy challenged me to figure out the phrase every round or be eaten by gummy bears. I did alright the first 2, but I failed on the third, so he started crying and the lady who makes the letters appear in $500 dresses picked me up through the TV and tossed me in the car that was parked for the prize, which was actually full of gummy bears. But I ate all the gummy bears and the lady was so surprised that she gave me a jellyfish.

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