American & British English

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Alright, the title is pretty self explanatory. I’m gonna be talking about American and British English.

List of American and British English differences (this may be a handy list)


They are just SO SO SO confusing! Why can’t they be the same?! I mean, tyre and tire mean the same. Lorry and truck mean the same. Apologise and apologize mean the same. So why can’t they be pronounced and spelled the same?!?!

It can get very annoying at times, especially in Word Documents. Let’s say your settings are set to American English and you use British English to spell. Red lines appear everywhere.

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Image result for frustrating gif

Frustrating ^

(Hahaha you expected something to happen right?)

If you want to know why Americans and British use different types of English, it was because Americans wanted to declare their independence from Britain through English.

Well, that made our lives difficult.

I use British English because Malaysia was colonised by British.

What about you? Did you expect anything to happen in the first gif?(be honest!)

Starling Sign Off

(Yay I finally got a sign off!)

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  1. Well this post is kinda funny… I use American English, but for some odd reason I spell “grey” the British way (and always have) because “gray” just looks wrong to me *shrug*. Do you speak more than one language?

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