My Name


(I don’t know how else to greet you)

If you didn’t realise already, Starling isn’t my real name. Previously, it was PenelopeCrumb. I don’t wanna reveal my real name for privacy.

Image result for shhh
Hahahaha yeah!

You may be wondering why I used Starling as my pseudonym.

Well, in Clash Royale (which I play) my username is Starling. So when I started a new blog, I wanted to change my name from PenelopeCrumb to something simpler.

So…….. I decided on Starling =)

According to Google…

In English the meaning of the name Starling is: A bird

I’m pretty happy with that since birds are nice animals 😀

So that’s about it for my post today.

Have a nice day!!!!

What is your name meaning? Do you play Clash Royale?

~ Starling

P.S This is my 20th post on Starling by the way….


40 thoughts on “My Name

  1. I found my name by messing about with Google Translate! I love amethysts and amethyst in Catalan is Ametista, and I was going to use that but then I realised that LOADS of people have taken that name so I added the i to make Ametistia

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  2. Ohh, that was cool to know! Starling is actually a really pretty name ❤ My name, Aris, is actually a shortening of my real name. But then I googled it up, and it turns out that it's a Greek word that means "best"! Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

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  3. Haha, funny story- my name is Maryam or beautiful, beloved, flower and bitter. Six days ago, I wrote beloved on my wrist along with a bunch of roses as a sort of makeshift tattoo thing 😅 When I found out what my name meant, I was like: well, whatta coincidence!

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