How To Be Cool in 3 Easy Steps

Image result for i have returned

Yeap. Isn’t that great? Your minds shall start blowing up once again…

You may be wondering or maybe not but whatever where I went. Because, I have been gone since FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a week! (not that I post on Fridays…. Except today)

NO I did not have to go and fight a dragon or stop some book burning or learn how to fly.

I just went to visit my grandmother who lives about 2 hours away from us. We just came back yesterday and I have been gone since Monday. As in, gone from my home.

Anyway, as I said, I came back yesterday and have been answering your comments, catching up on your posts, and doing some work.

By the way it was my mum’s birthday on August 16. We didn’t really do much except eat dinner (but my dad wasn’t there since we were in my grandma’s house) and some treats.

Ok, let’s get on with today’s post.

Today, I will be posting about how to be cool, especially if you are in a new place. (This post was also inspired by my friend)

  1. Have great hair
    As you can see, this person below is pretty cool and has great hair. And she’s cool and famous.
    Image result for katy perry hairIt’s Katy Perry… 😀 

  2. Constantly look at your phone
    You should just mind your own business and look down at your phone as if you have lots of friends who want to talk to you. But DON’T READ! If not, you will look like a nerd.

    Image result for looking at phone teens
    Look at all these people being cool XD
  3. Look cool
    Don’t smile yet look cool doing so. Impossible? Nah. Just try doing it in front of the mirror (or your phone 😉 ) and see how it turns out. You may seem like a sour puss at first, but after lots of practice it will work out great and in no time at all, you’ll look cool.

Following these three easy steps will help you on your way to greatness and soon, you’ll become the most popular kid around.






















































There is one flaw:




























































Keep scrolling to find out why….




































Yes. That’s right. All these ideas are from my friend, so credits to her!!!!

You don’t need great hair to be great. Look at The Rock. He’s bald and is still cool!

Image result for the rock

Looking at your phone too often can show that you are anti social, and can spoil your eyes.

Lastly, how do you even look cool?! No idea.

So, just be yourself! You’re much cooler that way 🙂

Did you get tricked?

~ Starling


29 thoughts on “How To Be Cool in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Wo mei you ;D I didn’t get tricked or anything HAHA it was obvious from the start it was a for laughs post. xDD Oh, for the smile… just practice the Mona Lisa smile!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cicik! I actually already did this award thrice! So is it ok if I don’t do it? Sorry, I just feel kinda tired for doing this for the fourth time… Thanks for thinking about me though!


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