50 Followers! I need Questions!

Hi Hi Hi!

Yeap, you read that right. I have 50 followers already!

Thank you so much!

Image result for 50

And I am hosting a Q&A!

If they are too personal I won’t answer them.

So get commenting with your questions!

Keep Shining!

~ Starling


32 thoughts on “50 Followers! I need Questions!

  1. Here are some questions for you:
    1. Do you like being homeschooled?
    2. Do you like to travel?
    3. Have you ever been in an airplane?
    4. Milk or dark chocolate?

    I can’t think of any more questions! Congrats on 50 followers!

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  2. Here are some questions!
    Have you ever danced in the rain?
What was the last picture you took?
What is your perfect pizza?
What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
What is your earliest memory?
    I hope they work?!
    S. Pilt

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  3. Yayy! Congrats for 50 followers! Here are my questions:

    What’s one thing about you that people don’t usually know?
    How do you usually wear your hair?
    Which food could you not live without?

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  4. Hey there!

    A blogger I know ( Lydia Howe ) is about to publish her book ” Where Dandelions Grow” and needs help with reviews! She is giving out free e copies right now to anyone interested! All you have to do is post the review on your blog. ^_^ I am helping her spread the word and I thought that I’d let you know in case you’re interested.

    If you do sign up, it will ask who referred you ( Maddy Crone )

    Have a great day!

    The sign up sheet :


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    1. Hi Maddy!!!! I’ve seen you doing this on some blog posts and didn’t give me much thought at first XD
      Thanks for asking me! Yeah, I would like to do a review on this book! However, do I need to read the ENTIRE book first or just the synopsis?
      Also, could you give me the link to Lydia’s blog so I can check it out? Thanks!


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