Starling’s Randomness #1

Greetings, from Starling!

I just thought of smushing my randomness that don’t fit in any post into one post! Saving posts again lol.

All my topics are in big lettering.

Starling's Randomness

YAY I just got 100 likes!



I mean, I just started my blog less than a month and already 100 likes?! 

Thank you for liking, guys!

Also, I just wrote a story.

Please go check it out!

Also, are there any Asian bloggers who live in Asia out there?!

I already know 2:

Carol & Cicik

(their blogs are awesome!)

I just wanna know because all the while I kept thinking I was the only Asian blogger.

If you are an Asian blogger, please drop a comment stating you are an Asian.

You don’t have to tell me where you live, unless you want to.


And that concludes Starling’s Randomness #1!!!!!!!

(I’m getting lotsa brilliant ideas nowadays. Is that good? I don’t wanna be a genius. I wanna be a writerrrrrrrrrr!)

Are you already following Carol and Cicik’s blogs? Do you like my story? What do you wanna be when you grow up?

Keep Shining!

~ Starling


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