One Year Anniversary//50 Likes//27 Followers

Heyo from the cute penguin down there!

Image result for hello gif cartoon

As you can probably already guess, yes I have a one year anniversary with

NO my blog is not one year old. I’ve just been using WordPress for one year. That’s all.

Image result for shrug gif cartoon
GIFs are so nice, don’t you think?


Wow, thanks guys! I only started this blog for one or two weeks and already 50 LIKES?! Thanks, people!

Lastly, YAY 27 followersssssssssssss! We’re almost at 30!

Come on bloggers, we can make it 30!!!!!!!

Let others know about my blog any way possible! Thank you!

I suppose that’s all I wanna say.

By the way, I already have a button! Swap with me on the Buttons page if you like!

Wanna trade buttons? Do you like gifs?

Keep Shining!

~ Starling


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